Sunday, August 21, 2011

Splish Splash

Pool Party!
I spent several weeks this summer sitting on the couch watching the wildlife in our back yard (mono will do that to you).  There were birds and chipmunks at the bird feeder and my guinea pigs grazing in the grass.

On a particularly hot day in August, I had noticed some of the birds under the feeder were panting from the heat.  They looked so distressed that I grabbed a shallow styrofoam tray and filled it with water for them to use.  And then we wondered:  why no have a real bird bath back there?  We have a wonderful view from our living room; the birds are always entertaining.

Chillin' mourning dove

I bought a large plastic planter-tray and put it on the patio table.  The birds seem to be loving it.  The blue jays discovered it first, just for a sip of water.  I found a mourning dove lounging in it a few days later, not  a care in the world.  Most birds just stop briefly at the bird bath.

The sparrows are another story.  These guys get together and have a serious pool party.  It's amazing how much water they displace.  Of course, it's impressive how many birds they stuff into that bird bath!  I think there's ten of them in there at one point?  Woo hoo!

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