Monday, March 3, 2014

Still Not a Cranberry

There have been lots of blueberries at the store and I can't resist them.  Oh, yum!

Wednesday morning I grabbed a handful to snack on and decided to share with the girls.  This was Cannoli's first experience with blueberries.  She was cautious, but curious.  Pinniped immediately nabbed it, but there was no victory wave.  She quickly confirmed that this was the not-cranberry:  good enough to eat, but nothing to get excited over.

Alas, fresh cranberry season is gone.  We are slowly depleting  the stash of frozen ones.  Defrosted cranberries tend to be limp and soggy and lack the satisfying crunch of a fresh one.  But a soggy cranberry is still preferable to a fresh blueberry (at least that's Pinni opinion).  Noli could be convinced otherwise, since she's still not sure if she likes the cranberry's tartness.  Blueberries are sweeter.

Looks like I'm the only blueberry lover in the house, given that they weren't immediately snarfed down.  I could even get a photo of a half-eaten one?!?  At least I know they can't make me feel guilty for not sharing.


  1. I have to watch my fingers once my boys realized I have blueberries....

  2. Cranberries or not-cranberries, my girls will take them! Funny enough, mine prefer the frozen cranberries to defrosted ones. But fresh berries trump all.


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