Friday, December 26, 2014

Flying Solo

Noli has barricaded herself into her favorite cozy
Cannoli has had a hard time adjusting to living as a solo pig.  Physically she's well:  she wheeks for her breakfast and is often on the second level to beg for treats.  She's eating her pellets and hay.  But Noli spends much of time hiding in her cozies.  She's taken to snipping seams again.  I think she's suffering a mix of boredom and depression.

The first several days were the hardest.  She was scared of everything.  I gave her extra attention so she wasn't so alone; but then I leave her be so not to panic her as much.  I put the Teach 'N Treat in her cage to give her something to do other than rip apart her cuddle cup.  I'd give her more floor time, but she doesn't explore without a buddy.

Noli has never been a people-pig; that was Pinniped's job.  Her first week alone Noli ran in terror whenever I reached in, even when I handed her tomatoes or melon.  Silly rodent - hasn't she figured out after nearly two years together that I'm not going to eat her? 

The last couple of days there's been a bit of a change.  Noli doesn't flee when I come near.  She wheeks more often when we're in the kitchen.  She lets me reach in and pet her.  Rob said he heard wild popcorning this morning before breakfast.

So we're adjusting.  I've spent the last week scrolling through and wondering when we'll find a new companion.  I've contacted a few shelters, inquiring about single sows and if they allow for a meet-and-greet before I take home a new guinea pig.  On the one hand, that risks exposing Cannoli to illness, yet on the other hand, I'd like to know the new pig I adopt is compatible.  It would be nice to find a new pig she could get along with as well as Pinniped. 

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  1. It's heartbreaking to watch our pigs grieve too, especially if they were as closely bonded as Pinni and Cannoli. I do hope she finds another friend she enjoys being around soon.


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