Saturday, March 28, 2015

Time Out

As Boadicea adjusts to life in our house, she's been upping her dominance over Cannoli.  She's a small pig, but she really throws her weight around.  She will oust Cannoli from cozy or hay for no other reason than Because She Can.  Rotten rodent.  It results in more screaming than I'd like to hear, but Cannoli doesn't seem to be too put out.  I suspect Noli makes it sounds worse than it is.

There was a lot of fussing Monday afternoon.  At some point Noli got cornered in the tunnel (only a guinea pig could manage to do that) and her cries sounded truly panicked.  I decided Boadicea needed to spend some time out quality time with me.  I normally plop her in my lap while I do my work, but I couldn't balance her and keep typing.  So she ended up in the desk - and was not happy about it.  Does that look like a repentant rodent?  She didn't budge.

In the end, Boadicea got snorgled, showered with dreaded love and affection, then returned to the cage.  The rest of the afternoon was relatively peaceful.  You have to be careful how much attention you draw to yourself.

The winner of Monday's fleece forest is Leigh-Anne's piggies.  Think the six of them will share as nicely as Cannoli and Boadicea?

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