Sunday, September 27, 2015

Candy Corn Bark

I buy one bag of candy corn every year.  It's way too sweet, but I gotta have some.  How can it be Autumn without candy corn?  Three years ago I blogged about a couple of candy corn bark recipes I found.  Insane.  Sweet upon sweet.  And yet, so addictive.  I make one batch each year (really small - about 1/6 to 1/2 the original recipe).

I've had trouble with the candy corn bark seizing when I mix it altogether.  Looked awful, tasted great.  I'm happy with this year's batch.  I melted about two-thirds of of the white chocolate, spread it in the pan and pressed in the mix-ins.  Then I melted the last third of white chocolate and drizzled/spread it on top.  Ooh.  Looks like chocolate bark should and not a lumpy mess.

I couldn't find a small bag of pretzels, so I coated the leftovers in dark chocolate.  Mmm.  Something to offset the sickening sweet.  I'll be sad when it's all gone, but grateful I won't make this evil concoction again for another twelve months.  I doubt it will survive the weekend.

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