Thursday, January 14, 2016

Can You Find the Pepper?

I've used the Teach N Treat cups to create the guinea pig version of the shell game.  In this case, there's a prize under every cup; for a guinea pig that can still be a real challenge.

Their first instinct is to nudge the cup until it tips over.  The Teach N Treat works like that, it's also true when placed on fleece.  But when the cups are on the hard wood floor, they slide!  Cannoli has figured it out.  I have seen her try to lift the sliding cover off the Teach N Treat, so I knew it wouldn't take her long to pick up the cups.  It's pretty funny - she gets so focused on the cups, she misses the fact she's uncovered the pepper!  What a dope.

Speaking of dopes, Boadicea has not figured out the lifting part.  So she ends up chasing the cup around.  And yet, Boadi managed to get as much pepper as Noli did.  These two are a winning combination.

(Cannoli did eventually return, rediscovered the bit of pepper, then successfully uncovered and consumed the last piece.)

I think the little cups are much more entertaining on their own than only used in the toy.  I can spread them all over the floor, so part of the challenge is locating them.  Besides, I think Noli and Boadi will be on level 1 of the Teach N Treat for quite a while.


  1. They are so cute! I like how daintily Cannoli lifts the blue caps. I need to try this with my pigs - they hardly even get peppers out on level 1 of the Teach & Treat so my dogs use it instead, ha! I am happy to find more uses for it. I love seeing your cute little piggies' pictures and videos - thanks for sharing!

  2. terrific! I can't get enough of these pigs. Maybe the game is as fun as the treat. Cannoli seems to be done once she's lifted it. Amazing. Leeanna

  3. Omg. This is most awesome video. Thank you. I need to challenge my pigs more.

  4. Omg. This is most awesome video. Thank you. I need to challenge my pigs more.


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