Sunday, May 29, 2016

Training Wheels

Wedgwood had no problem jumping up to the landing to take the ramp the floor, but couldn't seem to get up to the second level.  I've not had a guinea pig that didn't immediately work this out.  But Wedgwood was helpless.

Wedgwood controlled the first level and Boadicea had the upper levels to herself.  I feared that both pigs would become territorial.  Besides, the separation was dragging out Wedgie establishing dominance.  So I wrapped some fleece around a piece of cardboard and hung it off the second level.  Problem solved.

Well.  Kind of.

Because Wedgie made up for lost time.  She ousted Boadi from everywhere:  upstairs, downstairs, from her cuddle cup, from the tunnel, from the hay and lettuce.  I had issue with that last bit.  Food guarding is why Willow and Pinniped had separate cages; I didn't want a repeat of that.  I certainly didn't want to bring Wedg back to the shelter.  The really odd thing was that she would keep Boadi from eating the greens, but didn't eat them herself.  Eventually Boadi would come back and eat while Wedgwood napped.

It was a rough couple of days.  Then, as I began doubting the wisdom of bringing this cute little hellion into our house, things began to settle.  Wedgie has made terrific progress in her first two weeks with us.  I see her and Boadicea eating together from time to time.  There's less yelling and chasing.  She doesn't guard the food as much.  They hang out on the same level together.  I even took down the ramp a few days ago when Wedgie no longer needed it.  She unwinds and relaxes a bit more each day.  I don't think these two will be best buddies - but at least they should be good roommates.

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  1. oh I hope so. Nothing beats a bestie... as only pigs they need each other. You are not totally fluent in pig latin


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