Saturday, July 9, 2016

Three Cheers for Boadicea!

Boadicea's classic disapproving pose
Why?  Because today, Boadicea is three years old.

Boadi has mellowed a lot in the last year.  It's a good thing, considering she's gone from top dog with Cannoli to low-man with Wedgwood.  Oddly enough, she doesn't seem to care.  She's happy as long as she can sack out in a cozy or the hammock.  All alone or with a buddy, she takes it all in stride.

That's Boadicea for you.  The Boad abides.

Even though she can't pick on Wedgwood like she did Cannoli, she's started to rumblestrut at Wedg.  Although most things aren't worth arguing about, occasionally Boadi feels she must stand her ground.  It's the principal of the thing, even if there's plenty of good spots to hang out in the cage.  Life with the new roommate is balancing out.

No matter her difficulties, Boadicea always does a little happy dance for new hay.  She runs to the third level when I pull out the hay box, then tosses her head impatiently until the hay arrives in front of her.  She loves chin rubs and scritches - often pancaking out when I pat her.  Having a buddy is fine, but she really loves her humans.  (I realize, of course, it's not me; it's because I bring the food.)  It's a good life.  I should take some lessons from this pig on how to chill.

Happy birthday, Boadicea.  May you have another year of loafiness, good company and yummy treats.


  1. Happy Birthday Boadi! Hope you have a fabulous year ahead.
    And I'm glad you have worked things out with your new roomie :)

  2. Happy birthday to Boadi! Wishing many carrots and treats to the birthday girl.

  3. Belated Happy Birthday Boadi!!! <3


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