Sunday, August 21, 2016


I doodled in school.  I remember the edges of my notebook pages being covered with geometric patterns.  I don't do so much now.  It seems like a waste of paper and ink.

Doodling, however, is very useful with freemotion quilting.  It certainly helped with Parrot Plumes.  So I've been pilfering our recycle bin for any paper with blank space.  I went through a stack of it doodling what I want to quilt on the kites.  There are several designs I like; a few I might be able to do without too much trouble.

The quilt is sandwiched, ready for quilting.  The edges will be quilted with the walking foot, but the rest I hope to FMQ.  Time to try out some of these designs!

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  1. Your doodling is much more impressive than mine. I'm looking forward to seeing the quilted kites.


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