Monday, May 22, 2017


But why can't we go in the living room?
Did not feel well last week, so nothing much was done.  No sewing.  No writing.  Very little of anything was accomplished around the house. 

But stinky guinea pigs ensured there was cage cleaning on Friday.

I was not up to cleaning the cage as well as chasing pigs all over the living room, so I put up the grids to keep them in the kitchen.  I was quickly told this was unacceptable.  First I was chattered at.  Later, when Wedgwood determined they couldn't sneak around the edges, Boadicea attacked the grids.  I haven't had a pig so determined to breach grids since Pinniped.

Cage cleaning was easier without chasing them.  Still, their antics were so distractingly funny I kept stopping to watch and photograph them.

There's a bit of teeth chattering, which can't really be heard over the babbling.  They both sized up the grid with the hay rack, debating if they could go over it.  Thankfully, neither tried.  Then Boadicea determined that she'd get through the grids.  That is one resolute rodent.

Mission accomplished
Once I get the cage re-fleeced, I put the grid with the hay rack back in the cage.  It's the step just before adding the cozies and letting the pigs back in.  I forgot that with this floor setup, the binder clip on the hay rack was keeping the other grids in place.  It took Boadicea a few seconds to realize the hay rack was gone; she shoved over the grids and made a beeline up the ramp.  They were in the cage before I knew what had happened.

Boadicea was so pleased with herself, she spent the next few minutes zooming around the cage.  See?  I outsmarted Mama.  Whee!


  1. wow, actually moving the metal rack!

  2. That Boadi! I laughed and laughed at the determined grid-rattling.


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