Thursday, July 6, 2017

I Like Thursday: Color

Last week's Thursday post was supposed to be about color; the wedding was certainly colorful.  I found more color this week.

I like the woven box I got as a party gift at the wedding.  I forgot to mention it last week.  Orange and pink.  So festive!

I liked the sweets it was filled with - interesting flavors and spices.  They went great with a cup of tea.  Now that it's empty, I'm trying to figure out what needs to go in it next.  I'm sure I'll find a good use for it.

I liked this pattern to use with the beautiful fabric my mother brought home from Italy.  I've written about that fabric before - it had been earmarked for quilting until I discovered it was stretch.  Two yards wasn't quite enough for a dress.  But this pattern is designed for an inset.

I like the blue fabric I found for the rest of the dress.  Oh, boy!  It's been years since I've made clothing this complex.  I hope it looks good on me.  Nothing like investing effort on something that could be unwearable.  Eek!

I like other fabric I found when I bought the blue for the dress.  Of course I couldn't buy the one thing I went for.  Lorraine's is know for apparel and upholstery fabric (I need to go back there if I make more grocery bags!), but they did have a small selection of cotton.  The leafy green caught my eye first.  Then I saw the muted fall fabric.  I didn't even notice the little cat faces until I got it home.  Can you see them? 

I like the my "new" summer shirts.  I bought them at Savers late last summer, just in time to store them for the winter.  It's been warm enough to wear them, and they're so comfy.  As you can see, I'm partial to blue.  Huzzah for second-hand stores!

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  1. the pattern is really flattering to most women... slimming and interesting. It will make a fab dress with those fabrics! Yea! And how did that sweetie box get empty?? hmm??? How special to go home with a momento like that. The wedding looked like the most fun.

  2. BTW, your taste testing little guinea does look rather smug, albeit so cute!
    Lovely box and what a great little takeaway from the wedding.

  3. What a fabulous box! I love the textures and colors! You'll have to fill it with something new! I recently sorted out all my jewelry and filled up a bunch of little boxes I'd accumulated over the years.

  4. I love the little box, too! That is a great wedding memento! Have fun sewing your dress - that pattern looks like it will work well for the fabric you have.

  5. Where's Lorraine's? I'm always looking for new fabric stores.

    1. Pawtucket, RI - on Mineral Spring Ave, just north of St Francis Cemetery.

  6. I love your fabrics! Those shirts are wonderful!

  7. Love that little basket! Very nice fabrics - especially that fall one! I do so like! Thank you for sharing!


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