Friday, August 4, 2017

What a Day

I had quite a day earlier this week:  running around, some highs, some lows, a bit of stress, lots of love and success.  Oh, and it was my birthday.

I took the day off for myself, then spent the morning cleaning house.  Crazy, right?  Good thing I did that early, because the plumber came unexpectedly to put in a filter for the well water.  So no water for a hour or two.  But yay!  it will be much cleaner water!

I biked to the library at lunchtime.  They had a fundraiser in which people purchased flamingos to bring home and decorate.  They held a contest last Saturday to award the favorites.  Get a load of the creativity:  a rhinestone Elvis, some kind of plesiosaurus-looking creature, Harry Potter, a clown, and one covered in print that makes me think of a secretary bird. Maybe it's a Librarian Bird?

Aren't they fun?

My main goal was to finish sewing my dress.  Ha.  I had already carefully measured and cut the pieces.  All was looking great, until I pinned the first bits together.  The grain was perfectly aligned but I failed to realize the fabric looks striped at a distance.  I hadn't noticed while I was working with it.  The front panel looked off-center, which really bothered me.  There was not enough fabric to re-cut one long piece. Eek!

Rob came up with the idea of adding a midriff piece, so I gave it a try.  I had enough fabric to do two shorter pieces.  Finding the center line for the stripes was challenging, but together we located one we agreed on.  It looks good so far, but the whole thing of figuring it out, piecing it together and <gasp> cutting it was so stressful.  Spent a good chunk of the afternoon working on this.

I had awoken that morning thinking:  it would totally make my day to go to Pastiche after dinner.  I wondered if I could talk Rob into it?  Then he comes home from work with this.  From Pastiche.  He read my mind.

What a guy.

I mean, just look at that mousse cake!

So I had that for lunch.  And some for second breakfast the next morning.  OMG, LOVE!

Other than the stressful sewing, the rest of my afternoon was terrific.  A number of things I had ordered earlier in the week all arrived at once.  Fresh tea from Virtuous Teas, a big box of hay from Small Pet Select (Boadicea and Wedgwood are so happy!) and some new memory for my laptop.  All in all, it made for a very happy day.

(Now if I could only finish that dress!)


  1. Happy Birthday, Sally! Sorry I'm late...would you do me a favor and celebrate all over again? Thanks!

  2. Those flamingoes are fun! Happy Birthday to you, lovely Sally!

  3. Well, happy birthday! Let me know if you need help with that cake. Too late? Oh well, I offered.


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