Saturday, April 20, 2019

NYB H&B Blocks

The NYB block patterns I've been using come in three sizes (which happen to be labeled as my A, B and C blocks).  Six of the patterns were size A, two size B and two size C.  I can tack on another ring to B and C to make them larger, but I'm still hoping to use them at the size they are.  It depends on the quilt's final layout.  Therefore, of the 16 blocks I have left to make, I'm only making a few of the B and C sizes.

I made two blocks with merged patterns:  B's outer ring with H's center.  The upper two in the photo are H&B, the bottom blocks are a B and an H for comparison.

When I put the first one together, I followed the original assembly order, which caused all the seams to be ironed the same direction.  I had to deal with bulky points.  So I made notes on the paper pattern pieces to assemble B in the opposite direction.  And what did I do?  I stitched H in the opposite order, too.  So I have one block with bulky seams to the right, the other with all the bulk to the left.  Maybe if I made a third block, I'd get it right that time?

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  1. I like those! In your photos, I can't tell that the seams are bulky - will that affect how the quilt top goes together?


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