Thursday, August 15, 2019

I Like Thursday: Progress!

Weekends continue to fly by.  And good things keep coming.  My passport arrived in the mail.  Huzzah!  (Not that I plan to go globe-trotting, but now I know I can.)  We tried out the local English dancing - complete with ice cream during the break.  A great way to spend a Monday evening.

My favorite things this week are in the kitchen.  We've managed to pull a bunch of stuff off the counter.  I love this wine rack.  Originally I was looking for an upright wine rack to stand on the counter, rather than the horizontal one I had.  This one can stand, but I'm even happier with it off the counter entirely.

But why stop there?  We have wanted a magnetic knife holder for a while.  We weren't sure if a vertical one would work, but the knives are holding fine.  Yay!  that takes the old butcher block off the counter.  Hmmm... I wonder if my grandmother's cleaver would fit on that.

A neighbor up the road had a large box of cucumbers at the end of the driveway marked "Free".  These cukes were so big I thought they were zucchini until I got close.  They're pictured here next to a normal sized cherry tomato.  I'm hoping to slice them up to make pickles.  Rob has bookmarked a recipe for me to try.

Work on my sister's quilt continues.  I have about half of the backgrounds attached to the quarter circles.  I have one block that won't cut down to size - I need to fix it.  A few others need some ripping and restitching to fix some wonky curves.  JoAnn's doesn't carry Warm & White any more.  I just bought some Fairfield cotton, but I'm not sure if I should try that or find some Warm & White.

We've been watching the hummingbirds in our yard, which has been far more entertaining than I thought they'd be.

I forgot my library card when I went on Wednesday.  The librarian told me that happens a lot with some of the locals.  A few of them complained so much that she suggested they just leave their card at the library instead.  Then she reached under the desk and pulled out a plastic cup with several cards!  What a hoot!

That's all I have for now!  There are more good things happening in other I Like Thursday posts. 


  1. What cool ideas for clearing up counter space. Those cucumbers look awesome. I never heard about someone doing that at a library. That's awful nice of them to help out the customers like that.

  2. keeper of the cards, lol! Yes get as much as possible off the counters. I'd love to see open clear counters all the time, but they collect stuff. Hopefully the knives won't let go and fall on a foot... lucky to get cukes... they taste so much nicer than store bought ones. I've not made pickles but I love pickles... maybe I should look into it.

  3. I really like clearing off the counters too. But it seems to grow back!I love cucumber and those are beauts. Good luck with the pickle making. Do you use dill? Funny you should mention hummingbirds...I've been enjoying watching them at the feeder so much and now wonder why I didn't have a feeder for them before.
    We have automated check outs here and it beeps plus a light blinks if you forget your card. But people still walk away without their cards much to the librarian's amusement.

  4. Hi Sally! I adore that wine rack! What a clever place to hang it - out of the way yet handy at the same time. I think leaving your library card AT the library makes total sense. Why carry it with you?! Fabulous. And those cucumbers are huge! I look forward to seeing your pickles from them. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Great vertical storage ideas--nice to have x-tra counter space...
    and FREE cucumbers--how wonderful..have a wonderful weekend hugs, Julierose

  6. I've got a similar magnetic knife holder and it's great! My kitchen has literally 2 linear feet of countertop, total, and I would like to keep it clear for just one week to see what it would be like! :)

  7. Those knives hanging look 'interesting'. Fingers crossed those magnets hold. =) The wine holder is fabulous; such a great idea for storing bottles of wine. It looks as you are settling in wonderfully in your new home.

  8. Glad your kitchen is coming together! I think we have the same wine rack at our house, only in a dark wood - it's a small world! Garden grown cucumbers always taste so good - I know you'll enjoy them. Love the library card story, too!

  9. It's always a relief to get things off the counter (and a continuous battle with my husband who prefers his clutter visible). I like your wine rack hung like that! We are having a good year with hummingbirds too, do they fight at all when you watch them? Have a great week!

  10. I love your ideas to clear your counters. I like having more space to work on if needed. I can't find Warm & White at Joann's either. I used to like to use a coupon when I needed batting. Those cucumbers are huge!!


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