Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Yeah, my family knows me.  The pop-up birthday card is from my aunt.  I love the details on the hand-crank sewing machine.  And the mice are so cute.  The mug is from my mother.  It weighs a freaking ton, but will hold a wonderful amount of tea.  And llamas!  I love llamas.  The back of the mug proclaims: Think Happy Thoughts.  How can I not with that mug?

Yup - I just smile looking at it.

The sheep is also from Mom, another gift from Italy.  It will go with my growing herd of sheep.  I never intended to collect sheep, but that seems to be what's happening.  I have two glass ones.  The grey woolly one is from a local artist, and my sister made the white one years ago as a Christmas ornament.  I like enough to keep it out year round. There's a fifth sheep on my fridge made from Icelandic wool.  Baa!


  1. oh, sheep and llamas. You need to come visit me for the MD sheep and wool festival in May. Really!


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