Thursday, October 31, 2019

I Like Thursday: Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I love this old Lanz dress.  I bought in the late '90s as a Halloween costume.  I trot it out every 7-9 years when I dress up as Mother Nature.  Most of the leaves on the hem I picked from the yard earlier that evening.  I feel a little guilty stapling them to such a nice dress!  I lost about a dozen leaves at the dance.  Said I was shedding.  It's Fall, after all!

Lots of people liked the dress the Halloween dance.  Very retro.  It has a wonderful full skirt - so it was fun to dance in.

There were lots of terrific costumes there.  Black cats and witches.  Several kitted out pirates.  An aviator.  Beetlejuice.  Johnny Cash.  A pair that came as Ursa Major and Minor - those were really cool.  It's fun to see people's creativity.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Three, Four and Five of Thirteen

Three more circles quilted.  Two more sets of cogs done.  The second two were easier than the first.  Learned a bit more of what I can and cannot do.

I'm enjoying the process.  I draw out what I'm going to quilt, then it often changes as I'm about to quilt.  Some of designs stay similar, others change quite a bit.  Hands and shoulders get tired after a while - so one circle at a time at most.

I picked gold thread because it went well with the fabric, it matched the theme of suns and clockworks.  On one hand, I'd like the quilting to stand out more.  On the other, the quilt is busy enough - it doesn't need a lot.

The quilting has been smooth - no tucks or bulges so far.  I'm happy that the stripe across the back seems straight and even.  I've only quilted over a bit of it - we'll see how the rest lines up.  The shine to the thread is really pretty, and I'm loving how the back looks quilted. 

Thursday, October 24, 2019

I Like Thursday: Fall Ball, Fog and Faucet

I ended a rough crazy week of work with a day of dancing.  Oh, the Fall Ball!  Great music.  Fun dances.  Lots of happy twirling people...

and twirling skirts.

Health issues kept me from dancing as much and as long as I wished.  I was grateful to last as long as I did.  And while I rested I got to spend time with friends.  Listen to the music.  Watch the people dancing.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Who Thought Gears Were a Good Idea?

I'm going to start giving the quilting Borg designations:  this one is Two-of-Thirteen.

Who the heck had the idea that quilting cogs around the circles was a good idea?  Oh, yeah.  That would be me.  I thought it was a good idea.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Twelve Circles Left

Quilting has begun.  I hope to have more time this weekend to sew.

It's slow going.  The quilt is much larger than the throw quilts I've quilted lately, so it's heavy and hard to move through the sewing machine.  I'll be happy to start working towards the edges.  I won't be all wrapped up in it, literally, as I quilt.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

I Like Thursday: Bits of Fall

The fall colors continue to captivate.

Rob sent me out on Sunday morning to snap these.  The pines keep things green.  The burning bush is just about burnt out.  Still lots of golds. 

Thursday, October 10, 2019

I Like Thursday: Golds and Yellows

I like that I am quilting.  Only practice stuff right now - I'm getting used to new thread (first time I've used Sulky that's not snapping!) and attempting some ruler work (I'd rather have a hopping foot, but this one seems to be working alright).  I think I can do what I want to do, which is great news.

My sister and I got together on Monday for dinner (what a treat!).  We traded stories how our latest projects are going, and how difficult it can be to figure out what the quilt/painting wants.  My quilt wants lines.  Her painting wants different colors.  Keeps us on our toes!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

I Like Thursday: Pignic, PFD, Pastries

I headed east on Sunday for several stops.  First up - the Boston Pignic.  Got my fix of loafy, wuzzy guinea pigs.  So many colors.  Such cuties.