Saturday, August 29, 2020

Ebb and Flow

My August OMG is finished, with time to spare!  I've added a sleeve since I took these photos.  Now I just need to figure out how to hang it.

I'm pleased with how square and flat it was, even after quilting.  It rippled a bit on some of the binding.  Blocking it has managed flatten it out (although I may need to hit the bottom bulge again).  This will look great on the wall!

It ended up with twice as much quilting than intended.  The first half of the quilting was curved lines that flowed around the quilt.  It made me think of the tide coming in on the flats on Cape Cod.  However, once that was complete, the unquilted sections puffed out quite noticeably.  I feared those section would sag as it hung on the wall.  I quilted the remaining sections with long wavy lines and swirls going the other way.  That's when the name Ebb and Flow popped into my head.  

I was going to freemotion quilt the black stripes, as well.  In the end I simply added a few lines with my walking foot. 

Thursday, August 27, 2020

I Like Thursday: Still in the Garden

We've gone from summer heat to the first inkling that fall is around the corner.  The sun is warm but the breeze is cool, and it was a bit chilly walking yesterday morning.

I started to pick tomatoes.  Yay!  This one looked beautiful from the angle I was looking at it.  After I picked it, it was obvious that someone else thought it was beautiful, too.  I hope they enjoyed it, because I did not! 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Quilted Ebb and Flow

The quilting is done.  Well, mostly - there's a few fixes and one unquilted spot I just noticed as I type this.  But for practical purposes I'm on to the binding.   

Several times while quilting this I wished I had picked a simple overall pattern.  My initial design was lopsided - too many bare spots.  Adding to it was challenging because of what was already stitched.  I am unhappy with some sections close up;  I contemplated  ripping it out.  The quilting looked better from several steps back, so I let it be and forged ahead.  

Gah!  Lots of technical issues.  I had to swap needles at one point because the top stitching refused to catch the bobbin thread.  I still have a number of skipped stitches - backing fabric contributed to that.  I had a few thread breakages as well, always at inopportune spots.  Some of the curved pieces had more fabric than others - so there's odd rippling in spots (luckily no pleats).  The humidity made everything a little tacky and I need new quilting gloves.  My hands would slide and the fabric would not!

Thursday, August 20, 2020

I Like Thursday: Creatures in the Yard

Didn't get out much in the last week.  Well, not entirely true.  I did get out to see my mother and sister on Saturday.  Perfect weather.  Uncrowded outdoor venues.  I remembered to tie my mask instead of using the ear loops (much more comfortable).  Mom brought me these lovely calla lilies for my birthday (earlier this month).  Have the perfect spot for them (between the kale and rosemary... lol).

And that was the last productive thing that happened.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

I Like Thursday: Frogs, Flora and Figurines

Continuing to enjoy what I can this summer.  

This pickerel frog was hanging out by the hose as I was filling my watering can.  I love the stripes on his legs.  Aren't those cool?!?  The colors are beautiful, too.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Ripples and Waves

Quilting has been challenging, mostly for unexpected reasons.  Problem #1 is expected - the quilt isn't telling me how it wants to be quilted.  I doodled a lot and shot down lots of ideas.  I ended up with very simple waves, following some of the pieced bits.  I'm not entirely convinced it's the right way to go - I find myself wondering if I should have just done an all-over pattern.  

Regardless, that's not the sticking point.  The quilt is literally sticky.  All this humidity.  I've cleaned and waxed the surfaces like I usually do, but the quilt does not want to glide under my sewing machine.  I've not had that happen before.  This is a small quilt, too.  Second trial - I hit the blue and white fabric and I'm skipping stitches all over.  I vaguely recall that the screen printed fabric required a big needle.  I'm quilting with a 16 needle.  Ridiculous.  But it worked.  I swapped out the needle once I hit back into normal fabric. 

I had simply pinned the sandwich because it was so small.  I managed to stab myself so many times quilting this small section I went back and basted the whole thing.  So we'll see where today goes....  As long as it doesn't require me to rip out everything, I'll be happy.  I'm still not convinced this is going to look right when I'm done quilting.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

I Like Thursday: Finally, Some Traction

My first and biggest like: a working smartphone.  I can't even tell you how happy I am.  See this photo?  I took this while jumping up and down, texting my my sister just after I got the phone connected.  It sent.  Immediately. 

Why is that exciting? 

Because since we moved, I'd be lucky if a two-word text came or went from home (and only if the phone was next to the front door).  Sometimes it was days between a text being sent and being received (which caused a few confused conversations).  Photos or phone calls?  LOL  Dream on.  Ah... life in a dead zone.

The fix required a new phone <sigh> and new carrier.  Luckily the new phone is very much like the old one.  Added bonus - monthly bill is slashed in half.  The new phone will pay for itself in less than a year.  YES!

Monday, August 3, 2020

August OMG: Wavy Quilting

After July's ambitious goal, I'm going for something a little easier (hopefully) to attain in August.  My wavy quilt is all pieced together and even sandwiched.  Woo-hoo!  It needs to be quilted and bound.  It has been draped across a chair in the living room as a constant reminder.  It's next!

I thought about how to quilt it while working on the bias tape dress. I have ideas about following the connected waves.  Will need to pick thread, too.  So yeah, still a lot of work to do.  But I can't wait to see this up on my wall.

Sunday, August 2, 2020


We have a new foster guinea pig in the house.  She's a cute, tiny teddy named Thingamabob.

Thingamabob had been left at the shelter in poor condition and underweight.  We're taking care of her for two weeks in an effort to put some fat on her and lavish her with love and attention.

Thingamabob spent a good chunk of time checking out the cage when we brought her home.  I showed her the different levels and the cozy and the tunnel.  All those comfortable places to be and what does she do?  Perches on the hay rack.  Which, I must say, is impressive.  What is it about guinea pigs and being on top of hay racks?  She looks like Bertie all over again.