Wednesday, June 30, 2021

June OMG Fail

I totally failed my June OMG.  Which bums me out - I'd really like to get this wedding gift done!  I did get as far as pulling fabric out and looking at the patterns again.  But I didn't sew a single stitch.  

It's not like I slacked off this month. 

Currently, I'm converting a console table into an ironing board.  I've been searching many months for a suitable table.  This project bumped up in priority when I finally found a table I could convert.  I've raised the height of the table and last night added padding to the top.  Still needs sanding and the cover cut and sewn together.  I would really like to have this finished before starting up any quilting projects.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

I Like Thursday: Shop 'Til You Drop

Lots of shopping last weekend.  It started out with buying a console table that I'm converting to a new ironing board.  Then we stopped off for ice cream on the way home at this little creamery we hadn't tried before - great stuff!  We'll go there again!

Next purchase - I needed fabric to cover the new ironing board, and I knew Swanson's was the place to get it.  They always have a ton of decor fabrics.  I picked up three yards fleece I don't need, but would look cute for guinea pig cozies (and at $4 a yard, I couldn't go wrong!).  I also found two different fabrics I liked for the ironing board, plus several yards of elastic.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Ironing Board Upgrade

I've been looking to replace my ironing board.  For various reasons it's parked in the living room and has remained there for nearly a decade.  I rarely fold it up it has become a useful sofa table when I'm not using it to iron.  But let's face it - it's not exactly the prettiest piece of furniture, plus the cover needs to be replaced.

Rather than replace the cover, I decided to create an ironing table. I've seen some neat ones on the web, converted from various types of furniture.  Now I won't have to figure out what to do with the ironing board when I have company over (I'll just have to clean off the top).  While I'm at it, I want a rectangle top that's at least four feet wide to make it easier to iron yards of quilting fabric (a full width of fabric hangs over a bit on the ironing board, so I have to keep shifting it side to side when I iron it).

After months and months of searching I found a console table at a good price that wasn't too far away to pick up.  The table is far too short for my needs, but looked like it was constructed in a way I could convert it to what I need.  We picked that up on Thursday night.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Piggy Poses


The Dakin Shelter wished to have some good photos of Lancelot and Buckaroo Banzai - so I had a quick photo shoot.  I had hoped for a bit more noses in the air or some cute photos of chomping parsley, but they were a little freaked over the entire thing.  

They're still awfully cute, though!

Thursday, June 17, 2021

I Like Thursday: Blooms, Bonding Boars

My Christmas cactus is confused, but it is quite pretty!  My neighbor's Christmas cactus is blooming, too.  So there's confusion all around.

I caught up with a friend on Sunday I haven't seen since... January 2020?  Maybe even longer than that.  We'd tried unsuccessfully to meet on Memorial Day, so I'm glad it worked out this time.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Introducing the Boys

Buckaroo Banzai was three weeks old on Wednesday.  Can you believe it?  How time flies.  He needed to be separated from the sows to ensure no more pregnancies.  It was time to introduce him to Lancelot.


In this corner, weighing in at 305g, in black and white and still wet behind the ears is the baby Buckaroo Banzai!  And in this corner, weighing in at 455g, in fuzzy chocolate and white is the newcomer Lancelot!  Let's have a good clean introduction.  Don't make me use the Dustpan of Doom.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

I Like Thursday: Rodents, Rambunctionsness, Road Trip, Recipe

Rob interrupted a grumbling porcupine as he took out recycling about a month or so ago.  Last week I stopped briefly at the end of the driveway to retie my shoes and heard rustling in the leaves close by.  When I stood up, I found a porcupine hanging out the runoff pipe.  I think he's living under the driveway, which would explain our recent close encounters.  I attempted to snap a photo of him from the road.  I've seen him twice more since then.  His quills are all different browns - I'll try to catch him with a better camera.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

The New Neighbor

We picked up Lancelot from Dakin last week to foster and introduce him to Banzai, once Banzai is weaned.  Initially I had put Lancelot's cage on the other side of the room, under a window for some light (the girls corner is kind of dark).  I figured Lance could hear the sows and Banzai, but he remained rather subdued and shy.  There was popcorning every afternoon and evening, but not as much wheeking as I thought there might be.  He mostly hid in his hay house.

Monday, June 7, 2021

Random Piggy Photos

Lots of piggies means lots of photos.  They've been piling up.  

Bear is a heavy sleeper and somewhat inactive.  I'm vaguely concerned about her, but she is social, eats well, keeps her weight up and otherwise seems fine.  She could simply be a very chill guinea pig.  Mabel was like that.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Family Meals


We continue to enjoy the foster guinea pigs from Dakin.  Browny and Bear continue to be laid-back loafy sows.  Buckaroo Banzai is growing so big!  He's starting to grow into his feet and ears and doesn't have the folds of skin he had his first week.  And mama Bolt turns out to be a bit of a wild-child - Banzai's antics sets her off and she does zoomies and popcorning all over the place as the older sows watch.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

I Like Thursday: Spring Towards Summer

Looks like a lot of out door stuff this week.  My blueberry bunch is booming!  Lots of little blueberries and all the recent rain has been good for them.  

A three day weekend and it rained nearly the whole time.  Well, I was on-call, recovering from my first Shingles shot and got a chance to do some baking - all perfect things to do on rainy cool days!

We've seen bunnies in our neighbor's yard a few times.  I thought perhaps we didn't have any around here, but I startled one the other day when cleaning the birdbath - so they're hiding out there somewhere.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

June OMG

Remember these?

I fully intended to work on these after I made my May goal of shopping bags.  I finished the bags early, but guinea pigs kind of took over my house and I've done almost no sewing since then.

The guinea pigs are still all living here (and will remain for at least two more weeks), but I do not want this quilt to spend another month on the table gathering dust.  I need to finish the Icy Waters project.  April's goal of the blocks was a good start.  I need to finish at least another 10 for June.  Should be very doable goal - but given how little I've sewn in the last four weeks?  Maybe not that easy.

Ten blocks.  Come on - I can do that!

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