Tuesday, June 1, 2021

June OMG

Remember these?

I fully intended to work on these after I made my May goal of shopping bags.  I finished the bags early, but guinea pigs kind of took over my house and I've done almost no sewing since then.

The guinea pigs are still all living here (and will remain for at least two more weeks), but I do not want this quilt to spend another month on the table gathering dust.  I need to finish the Icy Waters project.  April's goal of the blocks was a good start.  I need to finish at least another 10 for June.  Should be very doable goal - but given how little I've sewn in the last four weeks?  Maybe not that easy.

Ten blocks.  Come on - I can do that!

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  1. I love these blocks. Good luck with reaching your goal.

  2. When I see the cuties, I also forget everything else. lol


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