Saturday, September 25, 2010

Boston Fall Pignic

I can't believe its been a whole week since the Fall Pignic. 

I must say, having people to help with setup and take-down was a wonderful thing.  Usually I do setup by myself, and sometimes its a rush to have pens in place before people arrive.  And being the permit holder, I am the last to go, to make sure that the lawn is clean and everything has been claimed and taken home.

The Pig Patrol shirts were Tammy's idea, and I must say they've been a great help in the last two pignics.  With a quick glance, I can see where the volunteers are, who's being helped and where we have coverage.  In turn, people who come can quickly find someone to help them or ask questions.  Brilliant!  We should have done that years ago!

The weather was so much better than the Spring Pignic.  We also had some cloud cover in the afternoon, which helped.  We lost our good shade tree  - nothing was left of it but the trunk.  The pens were set up on the west side of the bowl, which would have gotten the late afternoon sun. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fall Frolicking

It has been hot most of the week, and by Saturday, the girls were desperate to get out of their cages for some more space and a change of scenery.  They really enjoy being outdoors.  Bertie took a break from eating and started doing doughnuts.  She'd have gotten some good figure-eights going, if Pinni's butt hadn't kept getting in the way.

I only caught part of it.  She must have kept this up for  at least five minutes.  I've heard her do laps in the cage before, but obviously this cage has better zooming area and a lot better traction than shavings on coroplast! Go Bertie!