Thursday, January 17, 2019

I Like Thursday: Buried

I had been hoping that 2019 would calm down a bit from the end of the year stress.  Not really.  We've added some new fun features!  But I have carved a little bit of time to share the good things I have experienced (even if it's a bit later than usual).

Work has been brutal, being asked to work weekends and evenings and it needs. to. stop.  However, the coworkers I deal with day-in and day-out are the best.  One guy I jokingly call my work-husband - we've been working together since '91.  He keeps me sane on the worst of days.  The rest of the team - I strive to do my best for them because they help me out whenever I need it, too.  I hope we all catch a break soon (we deserve it).

We spent a chunk of the weekend at the hospital.  Everyone is fine (and I certainly like that).  I also liked the staff we dealt with: doctors, nurses, orderlies.  They all treated us with professionalism and kindness.  It made a stressful and unexpected experience a lot more pleasant.  

Now for some fun stuff!  Don't you love finding unexpected treasure?  This week it was in the form of Christmas cookies.  I had been positive I had polished them off.  But  behold!  One last box of the good stuff.  Yum!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

There Was Badness

Ah, Wedgwood.  Isn't she cute?  Look at that wonderful innocent face.  In fact, is that a smile?  Just don't look too close at that extra tuft of black (black?) fur hanging from her left whiskers.

What could that be?  It couldn't be a chunk of Mabel's fur.  That would be bad.  That would mean Wedgwood had just been caught hair-pulling.

She looks a bit more guilty in that second photo.  But Mama - Mabel was in the way.  I had to bite her.  Well, that may be true, but you didn't have to pull out the fur as well.  (The remaining mouthful of black hair had dropped to the floor by this time.)  Behavior like that gets you unwanted attention from The Mama.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

I Like Thursday: Cars, Curtains, Cavies

A crazy week.  Work has been flat out, so not much fun stuff.  Still, I found a few good things to like.

It's the end of an era.  The car was supposed to be picked up last week, but the flatbed truck broke down on two separate days.  I felt a little guilty enjoying the new car with the old one sitting there forlorn, stripped of its plates.

So I ran out the door and did a happy dance when the guy arrived.  I have the tendency to do that when I'm excited.  Yeah, there's more than one service guy that thinks I'm a little nuts.

The battery had died, so he had to jump it to get it on the flatbed.

And then it just rolled away....

Thursday, January 3, 2019

I Like Thursday: A New Year

I have a bunch of likes from Christmas.

Get a load of the little Calvin and Hobbes.  My nephew made them.  The detail is terrific - there's even little pads on the bottom of Hobbes' feet.  You can't see his tail - but that's great, too.  The whole thing stands about two inches tall.  He does such small, detailed work.  I know how hard it is - I'm so impressed.

The background?  Those are new llama pajama bottoms my sister gave me.  I literally squealed, jumped up and down, and tried them on over my jeans when I got them.  Llamas!  I llove them!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Tea Time Sweatshirt

I spent Sunday piecing the design on my second sweatshirt.  I picked the Grandma's Tea Party pattern.  Once again, my initial plan of attack went by the wayside once I started working on it.  I was going to piece together the teapot, cup and saucer according to the directions and omit the backing.  But as I started to cut apart the pattern, I realized there was no reason to assemble the spout in three pieces and another six for the handle.  That changed the whole approach.  The entire pot ended up being five pieces; the teacup and saucer were three.  Much more simple!

I printed the pattern on freezer paper, about 50% smaller than the original (the pot is about four inches tall, the teacup is about two inches).  I ironed the freezer paper to the fabric, folded over and tacked the raw edges, then removed the paper.  Next I machine stitched the handles, spout and lid to the body of the pot/cup, then sprayed the pieces with iron-on adhesive.  Once I figured out where to place them on the sweatshirt, I ironed them down and hand-stitched the edges.  This had only three pieces, far less than the 15 pieces to the color wheel sweatshirt.  The whole process was much faster (plus I had a feel for what I was doing). 

Monday, December 31, 2018

Finishes for 2018

This year got away from me.  I still haven't made the New York Beauties quilt I had planned to do two years ago (although it looks like I will be doing a different NYB quilt in 2019!).  Along with the two quilts I anticipated this year, I squeezed in two more throw quilts and several other projects.  Not bad.

Sunshine, Tidal Pool
Stepping Stones, Shiplapped and #AdoretheSchwarz

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Color Wheel Sweatshirt

I decorated two sweatshirts nearly eight years ago.  There's a third one a few years older.  They're all getting rather worn around the edges.  I'm certainly not the neatest person, so there's some... um... additional color added in spots down the front.  They're long overdue to be replaced.  Even though they're really not fit to wear in public, it's hard to part with them.  I love them.

On the other hand, new sweatshirts!  Two chances to play.  I discovered a really neat paper pieced swirly dresden pattern months ago, but hadn't had an excuse to use it.  I thought it would look great on the navy sweatshirt.  I shrunk it down to roughly a six-inch circle and printed it to freezer paper.  Because I wanted the jersey to show through like the glory boxes shirt, I numbered the slices and cut it into pieces. 

Thursday, December 27, 2018

I Like Thursday: Blogiversary #8

Look at that... I Like Thursday and a blogiversary on the same day.

Another year.  Where did it go?  Gained a pig.  Lost a car (and, omg, as of yesterday afternoon, have a replacement).  Did lots of sewing and reading.  Had fun with my new years resolution of trying out new recipes on the Game Day group.  Danced my tootsies off.  Kayaked with my sister.  Herded guinea pigs and clipped lots of piggy nails.  Enjoyed time with my friends.

Lots to like.

Then I blog about it.