Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Sunshine

Yay!  It's time for the Blogger's Quilt Festival!  I'm not sure where I'll find the time to browse through the hundreds of entries.  I always add more from each festival of things I need to try and I'm already working on a backlog of patterns.  This isn't helping.  Nonetheless, I'm thrilled to participate.  (I just need to finish my second entry by Monday.  Eek!)

My first entry was completed in January (thus the snowy photo).  My mother requested a twin-sized quilt with rounded corners and picked Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice as a pattern.  Once I calculated the yardage, we met at a fabric store and she picked the colors she wanted.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Fall Boston Pignic 2018

We always fret about the weather for a pignic.  Too hot?  Too cold?  Too wet?  We decided to hold it on a possibly too-warm day instead of wait for the rain date, which currently looks too cold and rainy!  We did the right thing.  Under the trees at the Wellesley Bowl, it turned out to be a terrific day for a pignic.

Wedgwood's Fifth Birthday

Wedgwood is officially five years old.  I still suspect she's a little younger than that, but we'll roll with this.

And what a year for rolling with stuff.  Since her last birthday Wedg has lost Boadicea, then lost weight, then eventually gained Mabel, and lost some more weight.  Through it all she's kept her attitude, her pointed nose, and her fan club down at the vet's office.  I suspect she's kept all her badness, too, but she's less inclined to dish it out with Mabel.  That tells you how well they're getting along together.  They're a great pair.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Nauset Light to Campground

One last leftover from Chick Weekend - then I swear I'm done.  Well, maybe a couple of more photos in the next I Like Thursday post.

We stay in Eastham, a short walk from Campground Beach.  Nauset Light (from yesterday's post) is on the ocean side of Eastham, three miles straight east from Campground.  When we got back from Nauset Light I recorded what high tide looks like at Campground for comparison.  These two clips were taken only an hour apart. 

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Ocean Fun

On the last day of Chick Weekend we headed to Nauset Light in Eastham, MA.  It was windy, cloudy and cool.  We decided to see what the water was like and check out the seal/shark activity.  Turned out to be an exciting way to spend the morning.

Shark warnings, kite surfer, lots of sea foam, and a much shorter sand dune with a missing staircase

The wind was whipping and the waves were impressive as high tide rolled in.  We were immediately sandblasted as we got out of the car.  The stairs and the bathhouse were gone from last year.  They've given up on building stairs (which have been rebuilt year after year) and have opted for a sloped path through the dunes to get to the shoreline.  I know there were plans to rebuild the bathhouse; currently there's a sad little trailer at the other end of the parking lot.  I'm amazed how much has eroded in my lifetime.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Kayaking in the Bay

Setup complete (in less than 15 minutes)
My sister was kind enough to bring down a pair of Oru kayaks to Chick Weekend.  I've written about these before - they're these neat origami kayaks that fold into the size of a large suitcase and weigh under 30 lbs.  She had the two of these stuffed in her hatchback with the back seats pulled down.

We have paddled around the Quaboag River and Pond, but I had not been in any kayak out in Cape Cod Bay before.  So this was new.  There was a good breeze on our first day and the water wasn't too choppy.  We headed north towards Wellfleet.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

I Like Thursday: Seen Around Eastham

I have so much to like, it may spill over into next week.  I jammed myself and six friends into a cottage on Cape Cod this weekend.  It was wonderful.  Even with all the terrific goings on with them, I had a chance to notice some fun little stuff.  So I'll start with that.

I was amused by these mailboxes.  Five of them lined up and not a single one the same height as another.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Cape Chick Weekend XII

You'd think that after a dozen chick weekends on the Cape I'd have nothing more to say.  Yet every year new stuff happens among the tried-and-true weekend routines.  While waiting to pick up pizza on Friday night, we ran into at least two other groups of chick-weekend gals.  Must be the weekend to do that!

I had a packed house this year, with seven of us down on Saturday.  Added bonus:  my sister made it for the first time!  We squeezed most of us in a single car to make our Atlantic Spice pilgrimage.  We all came back with goodies (I can't believe how much I purchased considering I had been there in July!).  However, once the last gal arrived, we had to pile in two cars to check out the sand sculptures.