About Me

This blog is a hodge-podge of sewing projects, guinea pig goofiness, my recent cooking adventures, fun dances and whatever else comes to mind.  A lot of it revolves around my guinea pigs.  Let's face it, they're cute.  And they're photogenic.  But it's not all about the guinea pigs, no matter what my girls will tell you.  When I'm not parked in front of a computer (programming at work or writing/surfing at home), I'm keeping busy with other things.  I enjoy cooking - usually something to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I quilt and sew.  I usually have at least three sewing projects in some partially-complete state, often stuck in the planning stages.  My sculpey projects are the same way:  other than my annual ornaments, I have more pieces in my head than being sculpted.

If you wish to see my completed projects, you can find them here:  Sewing and Sculpey.

I don't have kids, so I mother my girlfriends instead.  I organize a variety of events during the year, including candy making, tea parties and trips to Kripalu (yoga) and the Cape.  I try to put all the stuff Mom taught me to good use.

In between all that, I try to fit in some swimming, a bit of yoga, a little cross country skiing or snowshoeing in the winter and, of course, contra dancing.  It's my weekly exercise and social contact fix, all rolled into one.

Have any questions or comments?  Email me at: Sally.Hurley (at) gmail.com

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