Thursday, July 29, 2021

I Like Thursday: Blue Heron and Bright Colors

Our excitement of the week - this blue heron showed up in our yard.  I have no idea what drew him to the yard (although I know we have frogs).  He strolled around for a while, then flew off into the trees.  Very odd!  

We had our regular visitors, too.

Monday, July 26, 2021

June OMG in July

A day late and a dollar short?  Well, this is a whole month late.  But there's progress!

My goal in June had been to make 10 blocks on top of the three I had originally stitched together.  I ended up not liking the color combination of the first three, and reworked all of them.  This is looking much better (although now that I have it on the floor, I may still need to modify the colors as I move towards the upper left.  Regardless, I have traction on this project at long last.  I might actually set an August goal!

Thursday, July 22, 2021

I Like Thursday: Pipe, Purple, Popovers

I spent some time on the roof this week.  First was cleaning out the gutters - I found it best to walk softly and carry a big stick.  The new back gutter had stopped up completely; I'm surprised the gallons of standing water didn't pull it down.  Impressive.  It was mostly gummed up from the moss coming off the roof - I need to remember to inspect that regularly.  I have to say, it was deeply satisfying listening to the water drain out.

I was sent back onto the roof two days later after I discovered a damp spot near the bathroom ceiling.  The flashing around the vent pipe had cracked, and all this pounding rain was coming in.  Turned out to be a very easy fix.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Return to Icy Waters

I made the first three blocks of Ice Waters as my April OMG.  These are the darkest blocks in the whole quilt.  But they didn't feel right.  So the project languished for the last couple of months (a house full of guinea pigs didn't help, either). 

This week I went back through my fabric, pulled a few new ones and rearranged what I had.  I've just finished redoing the first three blocks.  The newer ones are on top, the old ones on the bottom.  It doesn't look that different, but it just feels better.  My failed June goal was to do 10 more blocks, which I'm now aiming to get done by the end of July.  Fingers crossed for some traction in this project!

Thursday, July 15, 2021

I Like Thursday: Catching Up

I finally feel like I'm catching up.  What a nice feeling!

Saturday afternoon was the time to hang out in the yard (quick! before it pours rain again!).  The buns and the deer were out together.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

I Has a Sad

Alas, the girls are gone.  Packed up and returned on Tuesday morning.  

But before they went, I snapped a few last photos.  

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Two Day Reprieve

The trio of guinea pig fosters have an adopter.  We were supposed to be heading towards Dakin right now to drop Bear, Bolt and Browny.  However, I received an email yesterday to postpone coming in because the vets are backed up.  

We get to hold onto the gals for two more days.

We've had them since early May.  It's been quite a stretch!  They've been here long enough that Bolt had a baby, wean him and send him off with a buddy.  They've lived here long enough to be fully comfortable with our routine and learn what type of begging is most effective to get treats (but not get picked up and snuggled).  They don't shy away when I come near the cage and sleep out in the open.  They've been here so long they've had to endure nail clipping (which was put off an extra day or two because I couldn't find the nail clippers). 

I'm ready for a break from the hay and the constant cage cleaning (three pigs in that cage with the heat and humidity means lots of pig laundry).  But boy, I'm going to miss them.  I've never had a herd that gets along so well.  Each of their personalities are so different (maybe that's the secret of their success).  They've been delightful guests.  I hope they are happy in their new home. 

Thursday, July 8, 2021

I Like Thursday: Fairy Lights and Finishes

What a weekend.  Over three inches of rain.  Happy garden!  Cool enough that I could bake (blondies, date bars, granola).  I was on call and it was quiet.  How nice!  

I like that the fawn that was hit last summer is still alive and kicking.  Turns out he's a buck - he's sporting a pair of points this year.  His right hind leg is a lumpy mess, but he puts full weight on it.  Impressive!

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Pressing Table

I finally replaced my old ironing board.  It needed a new cover and it was set up in the living room all the time - so I wanted to replace it with a real piece of furniture.  This has been my goal for many, many months.  A little over two weeks ago we picked up a console table that was much too short, although it looked like I could modify it.  Some wood, varnish, batting and fabric and voila!

Thursday, July 1, 2021

I Like Thursday: Birds, Snakes, Pigs

Too damn hot this week.  Thunderstorms moved through last night, which was a lovely break.  Yay for rain.

Mom visited over the weekend so I could set up her smartphone (I've got a cute photo of that... but I won't embarrass her by posting it).  I've now been using my smartphone long enough (2 years?) that I forgot how overwhelming it was to learn it all.

Mom brought a ton of fabric for me to take to Swanson's - lots of wool.  I hope someone likes making rugs!  She also brought this cool pelican to hang out with my other metals birds.  I love it!