Wednesday, July 14, 2021

I Has a Sad

Alas, the girls are gone.  Packed up and returned on Tuesday morning.  

But before they went, I snapped a few last photos.  

First up - Bear being seriously zonked out.  That pig knew how to relax.  I hope she has cozies, hammocks and hay to sleep in at her new home.

Bolt is a daredevil.  I'm a little surprised she didn't injure herself during her stay with us.  She developed this habit of standing on the second level and hanging over the top grids as far as she could when it was treat time.  Thankfully she never tried to leap out.


Nose waggling.  Bolt can be a wheeker, but once Lancelot and Buckaroo Banzai left, things were quieter.  The gals preferred to do what we call "the silent beg".

Don't you love the synchronization?!?

Bear and Browny often hung out together.  (I suspect I had tried to photograph all three on the third level, but Bolt bolted.)  I'd often find these two hanging out together sleeping or grazing.

And that's it.  These three were harder to return than the others.  I think it was in part that they had been here so long (over 9 weeks!).  They're adorable, of course.  I can see why fosters fail.  

As much as I'll miss them, I am grateful to have space in my fridge and living room.  I will not miss doing pig laundry every few days, nor constantly sweeping hay off the floor.  Maybe I'll have time to start quilting again?  In a couple months I'm sure I'll have the yen for some piggies again.  A 20lb box of hay had just been delivered over the weekend, so obviously I'm going to need someone to eat it!


  1. Oh... I am going to miss seeing and hearing about them. They had big personalities as seen through your eyes... and they were nice companions for you. I know they were work and the allergies to hay and all. Still... hope they are happy and together.

  2. 20 pounds of hay? You could borrow a couple of goats. You know somebody...


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