Saturday, September 30, 2023

New Projects

I have wanted to make myself a quilted yoga mat for quite some time.  I've also been accumulating a bunch of orphaned blocks that were either extras or unsatisfactory cast offs from other projects.  Let's see what happens when I combine the two!

The pieces are all thrown up on the wall while I decide just what I want this yoga mat to look like.  Then I'll still need to work out how much batting I want to put in it, and how it will all go together.

I'm also researching how to make a floppy sun hat.  I met a woman last spring that had an awesome scrappy sun hat that was was assembled similar to a rope coil bowl, except there was no rope.  It was simply strips of fabric.  I regret that I failed to take a photo of it; I can only go by my vague memory of how it looked.  

And of course there are some new throw/baby quilts on the horizon.  Whew!

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Thursday, September 28, 2023

I Like Thursday: September's Summary

Ooh - what a September!  I have lots to share with Lee Anna and friends at I Like Thursday.

Kicked off the month by catching up with old friends and co-workers.  I started my first programming job with these guys.  Two of them were new hires with me.  The third guys I jokingly call my work husband - we've been working together for more than 30 years.  Nuts!

My tall friend moved to Japan years ago - I haven't seen him since 2003.  He was in the states for a few weeks, so we took this opportunity to all get together.  I'm so glad we made this work.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Rounded Bowl Cozies

A request for bowl cozies piqued my interest because it was for a rectangle container rather than a round bowl.  The timing was good, too - having finished my latest quilt I change gears to work my clean-up projects.  It was a good time to jump into this.

I dug up my original bowl cozy pattern (from a tutorial here).  Then I adjusted it by rounding the corners and moving the darts to accommodate a 5x7" bowl.

These cozies ended up a bit flatter than I imagined, but even my original bowl cozies aren't that deep.  I started with an 11" square, then rounded two corners with 4" and 2" curved rulers.  No bulky sharp corners to turn out!

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Scenes From Cape Cod

Cape Cod Chick Weekend was a couple of weeks ago.  We stayed in a new place near Thumpertown beach, just a little south of Campground beach in Eastham.  We arrived to hot humid weather.  Then stormy weather blew through on Sunday and Tuesday.

We walked to the beach on Sunday to watch the weather as it rolled across the bay.  I wanted to walk on the beach before the tide came in.  I thought the dark clouds looked amazing from down on the beach as they moved across Brewster and Orleans.