My Girls

Bad Pig Stew (2010):  Pinniped, Willow and Bertie
I received my first pair of guinea pigs from my aunt when I was eleven years old and had guinea pigs until I went to college.  I was suckered back into guinea pigs ownership in 1995 and have had pigs ever since.  Resistance is futile.

The more I learn I learn about these silly little rodents, the more they amaze and entertain me. With umpteen years of experience, I try to share what guinea pig knowledge I can.  I am a moderator on the CavyMadness page on Facebook and haunt the Guinea Lynx forum.  I organized the biannual Boston Pignic until 2019 and spent most of the event herding a plethora of pigs and answering a lot of questions. 

I started adopting guinea pigs in 2003, when I discovered that shelters weren't limited to just cats and dogs.  Since then I have adopted sows from the Brockton, Boston, Dedham, Methuen and Middletown animal shelters.

I have cared for fourteen sows since 1995.  Each has had their own distinct personality and I've loved and enjoyed them all.

Pandora and Abercrombie (1995-1998)
Teddi and Eclair (1998-2003)
Athena and Victoria (2003-2006)
Willow and Pippin (2005-2012)
Pinniped and Bertie (2010-2014)
Cannoli (2013-2016)
Boadicea (2014-2017)
Wedgwood (2016-2019)
Mabel (2018-2019)