Thursday, March 30, 2023

I Like Thursday: Little Bits and Pieces

Quick post this week to share with I Like Thursday.  Work has been busy.  Managed to get a bit of work done in the yard.  Pulled fabric and have been researching a quilt (I think I finally picked a pattern).  Working on my crumb blocks.  Once I go through them, I'll move onto strings and selvedge blocks.  And then onto my next baby quilt.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

I Like Thursday: Thaw

We've gone from winter to spring all within a week.  I squeezed in some cross country skiing.  Thursday morning I explored some of Upham Road at the top of my road.  It was a nice climb, but too icy to ski down.  I had to pop off the skis and walk down.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Mandala is finished, bound and labeled!  I had a beautiful sunny day for photographs in between snow storms.  It's just taken me a while to write this blog post.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Project Quilting 14.6: Broken Dishes Cover

The last of this season's Project Quilting challenges was an odd one:  Conquer a Fear. Quilting fear?  Personal fear?  How do I represent that?  And what do I fear?

I dismissed most of the sewing/quilting fears... almost all those are just something I haven't gotten around to trying yet.  Personal fears?  I have some strong dislikes (like making phone calls to people I don't know).  But what causes me the most anxiety is around What if I couldn't....  I've had some illnesses that have made me too weak or painful to do basic things, like climb stairs or go shopping (let alone go dancing).  Made my brain too fuzzy to do my work.  I've been lucky - my worst problems have cleared up in months or maybe years.  But a few never got a real diagnosis, so they could return.  What if I couldn't dance any more?  What if I can't sew?  or do yoga?  can't eat real food?  have a heart attack?

My fear is becoming broken.  

How the hell do I quilt that?

Thursday, March 16, 2023

I Like Thursday: Spring Flowers

This week's I Like Thursday prompt asks us for our favorite Spring flowers.  I love tulips.  I don't know why - they're just appealing.  Daffodils are always so happy, too.

My sister invited me to come to a flower show at a local greenhouse.  Not a big place, but oh, the color!  We came to the door and even with a mask on, the scent was amazing.

Just look at how bright and cheery that is.  How wonderful!

Thursday, March 9, 2023

I Like Thursday: Snow and Seeds

I have stories but not many photos for this week's Likes.

I got out skiing on Sunday.  Conditions were wonderful!  I made it across the top of Chestnut Hill over to Wendel. State Forest.  I had a map and was told to go around the pond for a fairly short loop.  Perfect, since it was still going to be another mile and a half back to my car.  Well... I got temporarily misplaced and instead of doing the simple mile loop, I went a couple of miles.  By the time I thought about turning back, I could see I was halfway around, so I decided to keep going.  

The truly unfortunate bit was, I was still breaking in some new boots and hadn't laced them tight enough to start.  My heels had massive blisters.  I had initially planned to ski again on Monday (I took the day off), but it hurts to put on any kind of shoe.  Bummer.

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Project Quilting 14.5: Fabric Bowl

I spent most of the week quilting my mandala quilt, which I was determined to finish by the end of the week.  (It's quilted!)  That made this week's challenge a bit more challenging.  The rule was simple - Sew Not A Square.  

I picked it up on Saturday morning and it proceeded to go in a few directions.  I started out with a bunch of leftover pieces from one of my kite quilts.  I stitched them into a hexagon, which was a little large for a mug rug.  Then I remembered Rob asking for another bowl cozy.  I pinned in some darts which looked pretty good.  I decided to go with it.

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Spring Cheese

Dakin asked for some St Patrick's Day or spring photos of my two foster boys, Bleu and Provolone.  I don't have any shamrock stuff, but I do have plenty of fake flowers.  I threw flowers on the table top, grabbed some cilantro and strawberry tops, plunked the boys down and this is what happened.

Pretty cute, aren't they?

Thursday, March 2, 2023

I Like Thursday: New Growth and Old Memories

It's Thursday!  Welcome to my likes of the week.  I have all sorts of color to share this week with LeeAnna and friends over at Not Afraid of Color

I still have the Cheese Boys - guinea pig fosters from the Dakin Humane Society.  Dakin wanted some spring or St Paddy's photos of the Bleu and Provolone.  I don't have Irish stuff, but I do have flowers.  We did a quick photo shoot on Monday, but I haven't had a chance to do a whole post with them.  Here's a little preview of the boys.