Saturday, March 4, 2023

Spring Cheese

Dakin asked for some St Patrick's Day or spring photos of my two foster boys, Bleu and Provolone.  I don't have any shamrock stuff, but I do have plenty of fake flowers.  I threw flowers on the table top, grabbed some cilantro and strawberry tops, plunked the boys down and this is what happened.

Pretty cute, aren't they?


I dug around for baskets, but found only this one, which was a bit bigger than I wanted.  Kind of takes over the photo, but they fit in it quite nicely!

Think these photos will finally get them adopted?


  1. comments work if I go over to use chrome... yes! these should do the trick! Great photos. Love the kissy one top right, and the yin/yang one on the bottom... they must have considered trying to eat the flowers, heh heh

  2. Oh, they are cute! You got some great photos, Sally. Someone's going to want to take them home!

  3. Sally - omg, my husband is out of town right now. What do you think he would do if he came home and found I had adopted two guineas???? They are SOOO adorable. Photogenic with a capital 'p'.


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