Thursday, March 2, 2023

I Like Thursday: New Growth and Old Memories

It's Thursday!  Welcome to my likes of the week.  I have all sorts of color to share this week with LeeAnna and friends over at Not Afraid of Color

I still have the Cheese Boys - guinea pig fosters from the Dakin Humane Society.  Dakin wanted some spring or St Paddy's photos of the Bleu and Provolone.  I don't have Irish stuff, but I do have flowers.  We did a quick photo shoot on Monday, but I haven't had a chance to do a whole post with them.  Here's a little preview of the boys.

Look at this green!  I moved my kale indoors last summer to keep the rabbits from eating it.  The sunroom has been cool, but the kale wintered over and is sprouting like crazy right now!  What a nice surprise.

We've gotten snow.  A few inches on Monday/Tuesday which was wonderfully sparkly on Wednesday morning.  I loved the snowy trees with the blue and white sky.  We'll likely get more on Friday, too.

Friend hosted a Game Day on Sunday - this was a pretty little waterfall behind their house.  We enjoyed our walk in the woods.

My Game Day friends are also part of the contra dancing community.  I'm not sure where I picked up this video, but it's wintry and dance-y and made me smile:  Crac!


Last week I mentioned old Valentine cards from the early 1900s.  I haven't had a chance to photo them, but I forgot I snapped one photo of them over at my sister's house.

Nothing says Be Mine more than two elephants teeter-tottering on an alligator being ridden by a boy playing a guitar.  Where do you even go with that?!?  The card can stand upright and the see-saw rocks back and forth.  But look at the colors!  What a crazy card.  A lot of the other cards are just as colorful and have so much detail.

My sister has this really neat wire tree that she's hung all the ornaments I've made her and my nephew over the years.  Quite a collection!

The Mandala quilt is so close to being quilted.  I'm really hoping to have it done tonight so I can switch the machine back to piecing.  I haven't even started on this week's Project Quilting challenge. 

Be amused - I've taken on yet another sewing machine.  I haven't had a chance to test it.  I need some time to give it a good cleaning and start from there.  

Ooh - that leads into this week's prompt:  what do you like about your creative space?  My sewing room shares my office space.  I enjoy looking at my projects while I work.  The best thing I did was add picture molding so I can hang batting for a design wall or finished quilts.  Turned out to be more versatile than I had imagined. 


  1. What a beautiful snowy landscape. The daffodils in my own backyard have announced that spring is here where we live.

  2. Awww, the Cheese Boyz are adorable! One on the left seems to be pleading for a new forever home.
    Pretty woods there, a stream adds magic.
    Creative space is undergoing a reorganization as I prepare to begin sewing projects.
    I went to the place that carries Tilda fabrics that I see on Helen Phillips blog. They have one bolt left. Gorgeous fabric. Alas, I had already chose a potential base fabric for summer clothes.

  3. That is a cute picture of the Cheese boys! And quite an interesting Valentine, too. Your latest machine really reminds me of my Singer. I'll have to get it out!

  4. those cheese heads are too cute! Great photos and we had snow yesterday, more tomorrow, gotta bake while it's cool. That card, and your comment is hilarious. Yes, bizarre interpretation of the word love, huh? Game night sounds perfect

  5. Thanks for sharing “Cheeses in a Basket “. Your snow pictures are so pretty! I’m so tired of the snow here. Still icy underfoot even though most roads are clear. I had a Singer Stylist when I graduated high school. I don’t have it anymore!

  6. That Valentine's Day card is so funny! Love the snow pictures. I bet you're getting more over the weekend because I am! The Cheese boys are so cute. I love getting sewing machines from friends. I have a few old ones that I like to collect. Not sure what I'll do with them!!

  7. I laughed at the cheese boys in a basket but laughed even harder at the Valentine's Day card. I hope the machine works out. I love vintage sewing machines.

  8. Great portrait of the Boys! Yep, another storm forecast. I had a long drive today for a doc appt and just kept telling myself how lucky I am that it was scheduled between snowy days.

  9. So nice to see those decorations displayed like that. So pretty. I have a Singer now and I know it is good because I treat it terribly and it still works! How nice to have a games day in such a pretty woody setting. Beautiful mandala piece!


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