Thursday, March 9, 2023

I Like Thursday: Snow and Seeds

I have stories but not many photos for this week's Likes.

I got out skiing on Sunday.  Conditions were wonderful!  I made it across the top of Chestnut Hill over to Wendel. State Forest.  I had a map and was told to go around the pond for a fairly short loop.  Perfect, since it was still going to be another mile and a half back to my car.  Well... I got temporarily misplaced and instead of doing the simple mile loop, I went a couple of miles.  By the time I thought about turning back, I could see I was halfway around, so I decided to keep going.  

The truly unfortunate bit was, I was still breaking in some new boots and hadn't laced them tight enough to start.  My heels had massive blisters.  I had initially planned to ski again on Monday (I took the day off), but it hurts to put on any kind of shoe.  Bummer.

But that meant I felt no guilt sitting on the couch on Monday, catching up on shows (The Legend of Vox Machina, The Sandman) and reading comic books!

I did manage to briefly hobble out the door on Monday afternoon.  Our local library has a seed library.  I picked up tomatoes, peppers, beans, eggplant, cosmos and larkspur.  Can't wait to plant these and see what happens!  

I also asked the librarian an odd question:  how to find a home for some vintage magazines.  I "inherited" piles of old Playboy magazines that I don't want , but also don't want to throw out.  I can't post them on Freecycle (and have no idea about nextdoor) and eBay was too much of a hassle.  My question soon attracted some library patrons, and an amusing discussion ensued (including one elderly telling us that her mother used to give a year's subscription to Playboy to all male members of the family - for the articles).  But amazingly, an artist was there that was interested in the older ones.  How serendipitous!  I went home and returned with a box of magazines - the artist took at least half of them.  She hopes to use them in collages.  We all had a good laugh.

I posted more pictures of the Cheese Boys.  I also squeezed in my Project Quilting challenge.  I'm binding the quilt - it's almost done.  Busy, successful weekend!

This week's prompt was for the creative space I wish I had.  The one thing I'd really like is a longarm for quilting.  Maybe one of these days...

That's it for now.  There's more to like over at LeeAnna's I Like Thursday.

Think those heels will heal enough to go dancing this weekend?  Fingers crossed!


  1. Oh, I hope you will get to go dancing. I'm sorry you got those darn blisters. What a great idea to have a seed library. Loved the thought of the artist taking your "Playboys".
    Magazines pile up and Vintage ones are the worst!!! Your fabric bowl is lovely. And they are useful.

  2. Ouch, the blisters sound miserable. But such a pretty area to ski!

  3. I had to laugh when you said your were 'temporarily misplaced', that is awesome. Hope to blisters heal well enough that you can put on your dancing shoes this weekend.

  4. Ouch! Hope the blisters heal quickly. Yeah you really can't go far with new gear. As a person who gets lost easily, had to laugh that you were temporarily misplaced.
    Sandy's Space

  5. Hi Sally! I hope the blisters heal enough for you to go dancing. The snow looks perfect for skiing. No guilt on enjoying yourself on Monday!! That's not allowed. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Looks like it was a beautiful day for some skiing, but that is too bad about the blisters! Ope the heal quickly for you. Our library has a seed library, too - I should really see if I could use some of them. Hilarious about the Playboy magazine discussion!

  7. I hope your feet feel better soon. I once wore a new pair of boots to Foxwoods. I didn't think twice about it since they looked so good. My feet were killing me as soon as we started walking around. My feet were sore for days. I'm glad you got to rest. Hope you can still go dancing!

  8. A bunion cushion thing might help? Good you had so much time outdoors. Sorry about the blisters.
    A seed library sounds nice.
    Vintage magazines can be worth a chunk of change. Ebay has sellers that will sell for folks. There might be one in your area.

  9. Sally - I wear two pairs of thick socks when I am cross-country skiing - I couldn't find boots that fit well, and I also found the heels were "sloppy". But I have never ended up with blisters - yuck!

  10. Yikes, that is a shame and so painful for you. Luckily, heels usually heal fast. But that was a mammoth ski workout for your body, on the plus side. All our vintage stuff and there is lots of it from Hubby, just stays here in their boxes. Goodness knows what will happen to it all including the magazines.


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