Thursday, March 23, 2023

I Like Thursday: Thaw

We've gone from winter to spring all within a week.  I squeezed in some cross country skiing.  Thursday morning I explored some of Upham Road at the top of my road.  It was a nice climb, but too icy to ski down.  I had to pop off the skis and walk down.

My mother visited over the weekend and we got to ski at Notchview on Monday.  Amazing that after a few warm days during the week and there was still around two feet of snow there.

Then the last couple of days has been in the 50s.  I finally started planting seeds - a bit later than I intended.  There's tomatoes, eggplant, peppers.  Soon some flowers.  I discovered I have no butternut squash - I'll need to pick up some seeds this weekend. 

How timely - this week's prompt is about gardening.  Seeds or seedlings?  Raised beds, patio pots, or in ground?  I do a mix of everything.  I've started seeds, but will also get some seedlings.  I've been experimenting with self-watering pots.  I'm amazed that my kale wintered over and has gotten a jump start for this season.  I've put some carrot seed in the other bucket - we'll see how that does (I've not had much luck with carrots).  

Flower seeds are up next!  I can't wait to start seeing the spring bulbs blooming.

I completed the last of this year's Project Quilting challenges.  It was a bigger project than I realized and it took me most of Saturday to finish it.  I also finally posted the final photos of Mandala.

The boys have been very loafy lately.  How lazy do you have to be to sleep with your nose in the bowl?

Those are my likes for the week.  I'm linking up with Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.  Enjoy!


  1. Lots of things to like this week! Good luck with this year's gardening.

  2. I can't imagine skiing with my mother - how fun! Your garden plans sound wonderful.

  3. As of today, almost all the snow is gone from my driveway and we have moved directly into Mud Season - at last a weather situation that is on it's regular schedule! Are you buying soil for your seeds or are you lucky in having decent soil where you live? I'm having a very hard time finding the organic bagged stuff I'd planned to use to start seeds and to top up some new raised beds and planters, but I'll have to find something soon.

  4. So glad you've gotten in some skiing before the end of the season! That's a lot of snow still. You've got lots of seeds started! It's making me want to dig in the dirt, too. Cute photos of your loafy piggies.

  5. Fun skiiing, the woods look pretty.

    All I remember about carrots is they like sandy soil, (same for onions and beets). There use to be a farm in Concord Massachusetts that grew carrots. As a kid it fascinated me to see that field of carrots.

  6. Your Mandela is truly stunning and I love that broken dishes cover too. So pretty. You are doing well with the planting. How wonderful to ski with your mom. And now spring happening in your corner of the world. We had downpours of rain all yesterday then hard freeze overnight...ground like steel out there this morning. Oh love to see those little critters lazy indeed!

  7. So glad you got to enjoy the snow! I hope that's it for the season. I want warmer weather! I love to see the 2 boys being lazy. They sounds like they're very comfy in their surroundings!

  8. The cross county skiing sounds like a lovely outing. I thought our snow was gone for the season, but new snow is coming down pretty heavily as I type. Good luck with the carrots :) I've given up on veggie gardening. I can't seem to keep them watered enough. I've switched to hardy native perennial drought resistant landsacpe gardening instead.


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