Sunday, March 5, 2023

Project Quilting 14.5: Fabric Bowl

I spent most of the week quilting my mandala quilt, which I was determined to finish by the end of the week.  (It's quilted!)  That made this week's challenge a bit more challenging.  The rule was simple - Sew Not A Square.  

I picked it up on Saturday morning and it proceeded to go in a few directions.  I started out with a bunch of leftover pieces from one of my kite quilts.  I stitched them into a hexagon, which was a little large for a mug rug.  Then I remembered Rob asking for another bowl cozy.  I pinned in some darts which looked pretty good.  I decided to go with it.

There were a lot more wedges, so I pieced together a second hexagon for a back.  I didn't want all the seams to line up, so I shifted the back and cut both hexagons a little smaller.  (You can see this on the top photo that the seems are at the high and low points of the edge while the other side has the wedges centered on the highs and lows.)

I could have pinned right sides together and sewed around the edges like a normal bowl cozy, but I decided I wanted to bind this.  I pinned the batting to one side before sewing in the darts.  Then I matched up the edges, added a little quilting.  I trimmed the points so it has a rounded, wavy edge.  

That center is really bulky.   I don't think I'd make another like it.  But it was a fun little project.

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  1. Such a cute bowl cozy. Love the rounded hexagon shape and those pastel-hued fabrics. Another fabulous finish!

  2. That is so pretty - I love the fabric choices and the wavy shape! I've bought two bowl cozies at a craft center and use them daily, since I do a lot of "batch" cooking and then reheat meals in the microwave, usually in a bowl. The cozies I bought are square and the fabrics are not something I would have chosen, but they are really functional and more stable than the cotton knitted squares I had been using. But I like yours a lot more!

  3. Beautiful bowl
    It would make a nice place to put current knitting or crocheting.

  4. I think Rob will like his Spring-y new bowl cozy, even with a little lump in the center. SEW thoughtful of you to make it for him!

  5. A bowl cozy was a great piece for this challenge. I'm sure your Rob is pleased with a new one.


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