Thursday, March 16, 2023

I Like Thursday: Spring Flowers

This week's I Like Thursday prompt asks us for our favorite Spring flowers.  I love tulips.  I don't know why - they're just appealing.  Daffodils are always so happy, too.

My sister invited me to come to a flower show at a local greenhouse.  Not a big place, but oh, the color!  We came to the door and even with a mask on, the scent was amazing.

Just look at how bright and cheery that is.  How wonderful!

The little purple flowers had a pattern that looked like snakeskin.  Very strange.  And look at the amazing size of those pink blossoms.


These tulips were interesting with their long feathery edges.   


The sunny day made everything so cheerful!

Then on Tuesday we got a foot of snow.  No daffodils in my yard for a while.... 

I have some non-flowery likes this week, too.  This popped up in my feeds: a Goose Blind Date.  Certainly made me smile.

I woke up one morning last week a bit of a song stuck in my head.  I couldn't remember all the words, but I recalled enough to google it.  My Dad used to sing this all the time when I was a kid and made us laugh.  Now I realize he only sang the refrain.  There's more to it!  Good memories.

I finished the Mandala quilt and took some photos in the sunshine before the snow hit.  Then I hung it on my wall for a couple of days to enjoy it just a bit before shipping it off.  It's boxed up and heading out this morning.  I'm working on the last Project Quilting challenge of the season.  And I've started to pull fabric for the next quilt.  

If the snow doesn't melt to fast, my feet have healed enough to try skiing again.  A shorter loop this time, I promise!


  1. What a sunshine-filled, floralicious place that greenhouse/conservatory is. Oh, the vibrant colours that abound everywhere! The fragrances wafting all over the place must have been intoxicating. Tulips are lovely and yes daffodils are the happiest of spring bulbs. One day soon the daffodils....and tulips will pop up their pretty heads there. The Mandala quilt is a most beautiful finish. Lovely that you could display it on your wall for a few days before shipping it off.

  2. My daffodils got off to a beautiful start, then... a cold snap. We didn't get the foot of snow you did, but the daffodils are droopy. I hope they can perk back up as the weather warms.

  3. The flower show must have been amazing...I can almost smell the fragrances from here. It was nice you could reflect on such sweet memories of your dad. I still enjoy seeing your Mandala quilt.

  4. The mandala quilt looks great! We still have a lot of snow too. It can't last forever.

  5. Wow, what a view inside that greenhouse - beautiful! Makes you want to grow things! Loved the goose video - such a sweet story. Mandala is gorgeous, Sally - I know the recipients will love it!

  6. Loved seeing all those beautiful flowers! Your mandala quilt looks amazing! It really came out good. I'm hoping all that snow melts. I hope we're done with snow for now.

  7. Stunning quilt!
    Thank you for the goose video. Melts the heart

  8. Goose Blind Date made me tear up - so sweet! Thank you for sharing that - got my day off to a good start. Your Mandala quilt is beautiful.

  9. Thanks for the smile this morning put on my face by that song. Yes very familiar to me growing up. Your Mandela quilt is simply stunning. I need to work on smaller quilts. Meanwhile look at all those gorgeous blooms. What a sight! Raining here with freezing rain warning, SIGH!

  10. The sea of ​​flowers in the greenhouse is wonderful... yes... I have to go there, we have a nursery very close by... next week, I'm looking forward to it... Thanks for the tip.
    I'm sewing today... shirt... almost done :-)))
    What a beautiful quilt - I always hang my finished things up to enjoy them too :-)
    hug to you.


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