Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

I have been unsuccessful in reintegrating Willow, Bertie and Pinniped since their fallout in late March.  Although they've been living in the same cage since mid-April, and there has been no hair-pulling or drawn blood, The Newbies have been doing their darnedest to make Willow feel unwelcome.

Given how bossy Willow was with them initially, I initially felt it was justifiable payback.  But its gone on too far, and Willow shouldn't have to deal with these two her final year(s) in life.  Pinni is guarding Willow far too often, and goes out of her way to take food from Willow an any given opportunity.  Bertie will randomly oust Willow and chase her around the cage (if Willow is willing to run).

So I spent my afternoon yesterday remodeling cages.  The main cage is back to the configuration it was for Willow and Pippin - a split three-level.  Willow has moved to the old store-bought cage I have kept for quarantine.  I refitted it with C&C grids because I hate the top that goes with it.