Thursday, July 28, 2022

I Like Thursday: This Week's Crumbs

We've had another crummy week of mishaps and setbacks.  It's gotten old, we don't know when it will end, or how many more problems are yet to come.  Covid has now has postponed our counter installation (slated today) which we had dared to hope would result in a working kitchen.  I canceled going to the Cape for Family Weekend and visiting friends.  I had really been looking forward to that.  It may limit what we'll do for our birthday week.  And it jeopardizes having my mom come out so we can attend QuiltFest New England. 

Bad words.

Rob said he'd be interested with what I could possibly have to like this week.  Let's face it, we've had more bad than good this week.  However, so this doesn't spiral into a pity party and because Rob tells me I delight in defying him... here goes.

Thursday, July 21, 2022

I Like Thursday: Look What Popped Up

I found a few likes this week.  The heat has drained my motivation to kayak, walk, quilt... pretty much everything.  I'm hoping this will blow over soon.

First up, I finished assembling my hexie quilt.  Both sides are so much fun.  It's quite heavy, though, and I'm wondering how well the hand stitching will keep it together.  I'm pondering quilting over the whole thing to help distribute the stress.  On the other hand, I like how it looks now.  I may leave it as is, get a label on it, and if it can't take the abuse, quilt it later.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

I Like Thursday: Now We Wait

Counter template has been done.  Now we wait for counters, trim, cabinet doors and two new cabinets that are back ordered.  Need to order tiles and handles.  I'm waiting, too, on my car's AC getting fixed.  All I can do is cross my fingers that nothing else goes amiss.  

I'm generally not a selfie person, but I finally got to wear the dancing tank top I "fixed" two years ago.  That's exciting stuff.  It went awesome with a skirt that nothing else I have goes well with.  Huzzah!  Added bonus, I got my hair chopped off earlier that day, which means I got the braided pigtails that makes me feel like a kid.  Oh, what a wonderful way to kick off the weekend.

I got several compliments and even had a person or two recognize my top from the original blog post.  Fun!  Great music, lovely dances, saw a few more people I haven't seen in years - it was a fun night.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

I Like Thursday: A Long Weekend

It was a long weekend... and not all in a good way.  <sigh>  But even as I sit here thinking holy @#$% what a week, there were some good things to share with LeeAnna's I Like Thursday.  (Thanks LeeAnna!)

Get a load of the artwork on this car.  At first I thought it was paint, but as I got closer, it looked like duct tape.  How fun is that?