Saturday, May 16, 2020

Wall of Strings

I've been on a string thing: curvy ones, wonky ones, selvedges.

The curvy string blocks seemed dull at first.  On the wall, though, they make me think of a dry creek bed.  Hmm...  I've got some ideas for a wall hanging, if I stick with lots of golds and browns.  I need four more blocks to complete the set, plus some setting blocks. 

My selvedge bag was full again, so I made more of the selvedge blocks I started in January.  I accidentally cut a notch into the black fabric on one block, just before trimming to size.  I simply need rip out and replace the black center.  The selvedge bag is nearly empty - so that project gets packed away until I cut more.  

I am really liking my wonky square kite blocks.  I haven't decided what will go in the middle of them.  A dark red or black seems to work best.  I'll need to make a few more blocks before I decide.  Like the selvedges, the string bag is depleted, so these will go on hold until my scrap bags are filled.

I continue to be pleased with my design wall.  In fact, I'm considering buying another length of picture molding for the other wall.  There had been some concern that hanging batting like this would be too billowy - that blocks wouldn't stick because the batting would sag or gap.  So far I had hung the batting over another quilt so against the wall it was layered:  quilt, batting, blocks-in-progress.  Since the batting would stick to the completed quilt behind it, everything was quite stable.

I had taken down a quilt when I hug the latest batch of batting, and I am pleased to say it works just as well.  Batting by itself wants to sway a little and it can sag in spots.  However, all the blocks are sticking to it fine and stay stuck.  Excellent!

It's a wall full of strings!

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  1. as usual I continue to enjoy your sewing journey.

  2. I love your wall full of strings! You're trying some really unique shapes with your string blocks, and they are going to make some interesting quilts. That looks like fun, Sally!

  3. Your design wall looks like a piece of art. Loving all those string blocks.

  4. Oooh, I like the curvy strings a LOT! I see both your dry creek beds and geological strata :)

  5. BEautiful! The amount of work you put into your quilts is inspiring.


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