Thursday, July 22, 2021

I Like Thursday: Pipe, Purple, Popovers

I spent some time on the roof this week.  First was cleaning out the gutters - I found it best to walk softly and carry a big stick.  The new back gutter had stopped up completely; I'm surprised the gallons of standing water didn't pull it down.  Impressive.  It was mostly gummed up from the moss coming off the roof - I need to remember to inspect that regularly.  I have to say, it was deeply satisfying listening to the water drain out.

I was sent back onto the roof two days later after I discovered a damp spot near the bathroom ceiling.  The flashing around the vent pipe had cracked, and all this pounding rain was coming in.  Turned out to be a very easy fix.

Purple cauliflower!  Isn't the color amazing?  I should have bought some - but I already had my veggies for the week.  Maybe they'll have some the next time I go back.

Look at my popovers!   I often get dense popovers and Yorkshire puddings; these finally popped correctly!  They were delicious.  I've decided I need more practice - maybe make some more this weekend?

Went kayaking with my sister on Tuesday.  I'm not usually ones for selfies - but I texted this one to my mother, hoping she'll get used to the new phone.

I've been working on the quilt - a few more blocks are done.  I hope to have more photos this weekend.

Improv Everywhere is always good for a smile.  I definitely enjoyed Stand Here for a Dance Party.

Do you read Beth Woolsey?  I stumbled across her blog a year or two ago (she has some great observations on depression and how the depressed mind works - or doesn't work).  She's currently fostering a bunch of kittens and has a great post on why she's not keeping them:  Why I give them up.  (OMG, Dakin has so many guinea pigs - 13 as of today.  But no more fostering for me until September.)

That's it!  Quick post this before I forget!  Linking up with Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.


  1. Good for you on those roof and gutter fixes! That purple cauliflower is so intriguing, and your popovers look yummy, too. Fun photo of you and your sister! I bet your mom loved it.

  2. I admire your bravery on getting on the roof and cleaning the gutter. I don't do well with heights. Also your bravery for kayaking.

  3. Woohoo on your gutter cleaning. I have gutters on my 2 story left to clean...I am procrastinating though....last metal roof I climbed over I tore a hole in my shorts. Great pic of you and your sister. The popovers look fabulous.

  4. I agree with the others! You are brave to be doing gutter repairs! I haven’t seen the purple cauliflower! But I would have to buy it! The photo of you and your sister is so cute!

  5. Sally - you are amazing! Can you come clean my roof? A small fire was detected this afternoon, about five miles from our house, so we were removing as many pine needles as we could from the gutters and the roof. Some we just can't reach! Love the picture of you and your sister!

  6. You're so brave to go up on the roof! I'd be petrified! I've never seen purple cauliflower. Does it taste the same? So nice to see you having fun with your sister!

  7. I remember the days when I would clean the gutters not that long ago. However, I never got on the roof, just up a ladder. I don't go above three steps now. It's a great job to have done so good on you. Wonderful photo of you and your sister doing something great. My mom always made wonderful popovers. Mine however, are mixed results but always taste fine. I am highlighting cabbage this week... :)


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