Sunday, July 11, 2021

Two Day Reprieve

The trio of guinea pig fosters have an adopter.  We were supposed to be heading towards Dakin right now to drop Bear, Bolt and Browny.  However, I received an email yesterday to postpone coming in because the vets are backed up.  

We get to hold onto the gals for two more days.

We've had them since early May.  It's been quite a stretch!  They've been here long enough that Bolt had a baby, wean him and send him off with a buddy.  They've lived here long enough to be fully comfortable with our routine and learn what type of begging is most effective to get treats (but not get picked up and snuggled).  They don't shy away when I come near the cage and sleep out in the open.  They've been here so long they've had to endure nail clipping (which was put off an extra day or two because I couldn't find the nail clippers). 

I'm ready for a break from the hay and the constant cage cleaning (three pigs in that cage with the heat and humidity means lots of pig laundry).  But boy, I'm going to miss them.  I've never had a herd that gets along so well.  Each of their personalities are so different (maybe that's the secret of their success).  They've been delightful guests.  I hope they are happy in their new home. 


  1. I didn't realize those gals had been at your house for so long! All their fans out here hope they're happy in their new home, too.

  2. I'll miss them... wonder how the kids are doing in their new home? Hope they are getting lots of treats and snuggles.


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