Sunday, May 9, 2021

Three for One

I got the call on Thursday I knew was coming - Chocolate found a forever home.  Could we bring him in on Friday?  And would we like to bring home more piggies?  Sure.  It would make the drive down worthwhile.

Before Chocolate went, I managed to catch one more video of his goofiness.

He loves that egg-cersizer.  I'd fill it with a bit of diced carrot and cucumber at least twice a day.  I could hear him batting it about:  bang!  bang!  He wouldn't let me watch, but I set up the camera.  He's good at it - as soon as it gets stuck, he goes around the other side and bats it again.

I was sad to see Chocolate go.  He really warmed up to being here in the last week.  He really liked being patted and snuggled; always interested in what was going on around him.  I bet he'd be the type of guinea pig to follow you around the house.

Then Rob returned home with a massive carrier full of three wheeking piggies:  two 2-year-olds and a little one that looks a bit under 1 year old.  Oh, what a change from Chocolate; three wheeky, squabbling sows.  I never had boars before I fostered and have gotten used to their dynamics over the last year.  Suddenly having these three in the house - what a hoot!  Whining, bickering, grousing, teeth chattering.  Oh!  And how the littlest one has such a high-pitched wheek!  They clamor whenever someone rustles a plastic bag.

In the photo are Bolt, Bear and Browny.  Bolt is fast, like a bolt!  Bear is a typical aby diva sow, prone to drama.  Browny is a big loafy pig.  The boars have been lean or solid.  These gals are soft and squishy.  They're still a little freaked (they've only been here for a day), but I look forward to snuggling them a bit.

Quite a trade-off!


  1. thank you for the piggy tour... I keep thinking of the cabaret song... "tweedly de de de deeee three ladies"
    squishy... like me

  2. Those sweet little piggies will settle down. Before you know it, you won't want them to go

  3. Sally - you are one special lady to shower these piggies with love, knowing they will be moving on ... I look forward to the ongoing saga of the three lady piggies, videos and all!


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