Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Chocolate Shell

Chocolate has been a wonderful little foster guinea pig.  He is about a year old, alert, curious, and well behaved.  But it's taken him a longer to settle in than the other fosters I've had.  That's the drawback of a solo guinea pig - the world is a scarier place.  And who do you play with?  Or steal food from?  Whereas most of my fosters start demanding food when I walk into the kitchen in the first day or two, it took Chocolate nearly two weeks to figure out that kitchen noises were something to get excited about.

Although he's been timid and wary, he's also energetic.  When I cover the cage at night he feels safe enough to kick up his heels.  He was loud enough to hear over the dishwasher; just look at how that cage rocks and rolls!  Thumpa-thumpa!

Chocolate is a great lap pig.  He really enjoys being held.  Talks non-stop most evenings (I'll have to try to get a video of that).  One half of of his body will be totally relaxed while the other half is on high alert listening to every noise in the house.  He reacts to every sound.  He's learned to love the refrigerator, but hates the driveway alarm. 


Took him a couple of weeks to adjust to the morning sweep-out of his cage.  Now Chocolate gets excited every morning:  he starts wheeking as I pull off the fleece, then popcorns around a bit while I tidy the cage and refresh the hay and pellets.  Now he knows he gets lettuce when I'm done.  Yay for breakfast!



  1. He's a cutie, Sally! Looks like he's learning!

  2. Sally - how delightful to see a video of your morning routine with Chocolate - loved hearing his wheeking and your chatter! Adorable (both of you)!

  3. he's so cuttttteeeeeee
    I liked watching the housecleaning and breakfasting


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