Friday, May 21, 2021

Piggy Scrum

Dakin's trio of foster sows have been entertaining.  Before I start flooding my blog with photos and videos of Bolt and the baby, I'll catch up with the last video I shot before I knew Bolt was pregnant.  (But look at that bulge on her side in that photo - I did have some suspicions about her.)

These gals quibble and spat but get along really well.  I often find them resting near each other.  They've each learned to tolerate me reaching in to scritch their noses.  Bear (the aby) dislikes being picked up, but settles nicely when being held.  She's quiet and calm when being held (although she's bossy to the other pigs).  Browny would rather not deal with people at all, if she could help it, but is now comfortable enough to beg shamelessly for food.  Feed me?  Yes!  Touch me?  No way.  Both Bear and Browny are old enough to have the laid-back, life-is-good-as-long-as-you-feed-me look on life.

Bolt still has a youngster's attitude.  Curious and fast, she likes to move a lot.  She's at the low end of the pecking order, but if she grows as big as Bear, she may put Bear in her place.

I try to keep the gals entertained.  A paper bag filled with hay is fairly popular.  I tried paper tubes filled with veggies on these guys, but they didn't really get the hang of it.  I have found that the egg-cersizer causes fights with some groups of guinea pigs - one pig will get a hold of it, then spend their time fighting off anyone else interested in it rather than getting the food out of it.  But these gals do alright. 

Guinea pig soccer?  There's a couple of lunges and disagreements.  Bear opportunistically finds a piece of carrot that fell out that no one else noticed.  Browny does most of the work, but the other two don't seem to mind.

I haven't given them the egg-cersizer in the last two days because I'm afraid they'll run over the baby piggy.  I think Browny is a little disappointed.  Once I know the baby can get out of the way, I'll give them back their toy.

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  1. had to watch twice! I love that sound, and they are part of a wee village so they found a way to get along. I don't know them apart but love them already.
    will the aunties take care of the baby too? does bolt nurse?


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