Sunday, May 23, 2021

Cage Cleaning Excitement

Oh, goodness, let the cuteness begin!

I'm convinced that baby is a boy - I posted photos and have had two more pig people agree with that assessment.  Rob has named him Buckaroo Banzai.  He calls him Buck for short; I call him Banzai (usually with an exclamation point - Banzai!).  The sows aren't sure what to make of him half the time - I find them jammed on the second level and he has the whole first floor to himself.  What is this tiny creature that follows us around?

Just 24 hours after Banzai was born I needed to clean and reconfigure the cage.  This turned out to be a difficult task because there was so much happening on the floor.

First, just listen to the wheeking coming from that little pig!!

These videos are longer than usual - but there's so much activity, it was difficult to trim down to a minute or so.  


Did you notice how Bear decided she had enough of all the debate over the other cozy and quietly takes over the one near the kitchen?  She was content to chill out over there (this pig really knows how to chill) while the other two jousted over the other cozy.

Of course everyone came out later for lettuce.  Bolt, Browny and Bear stuffed under that stool, leaving Banzai ignored and stuck out in the open.  He's so confused over everything, I don't think he minded.

Banzai likes Auntie Bear a lot, and will often snuggle up to her (even when Bolt is available).  Auntie Browny will tolerate the little one but can be kind of mean (so it's best to avoid her).

I have double-gridded the sides of the cage and took out the ramp to the third level.  This video was shot before I added cardboard and plexiglas around the second level.  Right now Banzai can't make it up there, but I bet he soon will.  This cage was not configured with baby-proofing in mind.  I may need to reevaluate and adjust as Banzai gets more active.

Everybody seemed pretty excited to get back into the clean cage and check out the new arrangement.  It's a little small for four guinea pigs, but they seem to be doing alright together.  Expanding this setup takes a lot of work, but I have the grids and coroplast downstairs if I need to build out.



  1. Little Banzai looks pretty adorable! All that noise he was making in your video just made me laugh! Do guinea pig mamas feed their babies? That's something I don't know about them.

  2. oooo the widdle baby! He chases Bolt and she ignores him...they are so inquisitive and fun to watch. I admit I could have watched them longer so the videos are never too long for me.
    I once visited a historic farm in MD and there were two piglets. The reenactor wanted them near the house, so she caught one, who SCREAMED bloody murder! I'm being pignapped! the other one ran up to save them and so doing followed the woman back to the house while the screaming one never stopped. LOUDLY screamed. When big winds blew down a squirrel nest in our yard, the three babies (eyes still closed) screamed loud enough for mama to hear a county over.
    babies will be heard.


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