Saturday, May 29, 2021

But Wait, There's More!

I know.  I'm becoming the crazy guinea pig lady.

Say hello to Lancelot.  Dakin asked if I'd be willing doing introductions between Lancelot and Buckaroo Banzai (when Banzai is weaned).  Sure!  So now Lance is hanging out with us.  He's just over three weeks old and very wuzzy.  Ooh - I feel like a Regency mom - I'm getting ready for my little debutante to come out to society.  LOL.  Oh, Banzai, you're growing up so fast!  I hope you find a good match. 

I haven't had this many guinea pigs since the last time I pigsat and that was years ago.  It's a full house, plus a fridge stuffed with lettuce and veggies.  We'll see if we can keep everyone happy.  Wish me luck in another two weeks when I do the introductions.


  1. oh lance is so cute and fuzzy. He and bonzai will be great friends and grow up together. They will play the same GP games! They will chase and wrestle and become the new Martin and Lewis, or Abbot and costello

  2. You must be having a great time with all those little piggies!

  3. Lancelot is so sweet....and so fluffy. It sounds as if you are having the best fun with your sweet, little piggies!


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