Sunday, May 30, 2021

Cage Cleaning Adventures

I continue to foster Bear, Browny and Bolt from Dakin, as well as Bolt's baby, Buckaroo Banzai.  To baby-proof the cage I had to remove the third level, and four guinea pigs in a smaller cage means more frequent cage cleanings. 

Floor time!  

Banzai doesn't know that the floor is lava - so he's under the dining room table, wandering into the kitchen, going to all sorts most piggies don't go.  Meanwhile, Bear wouldn't move from the spot I had placed her on the floor.  I don't think she was frozen from fright, she couldn't be bothered to move.  Browny is funny.  She is not interested in being touched or interacting with me, unless I have food.  However, as I was filming Banzai under the table, I suddenly felt little feet standing on my feet.  I looked down and there was Browny!  I am her bestest buddy during floor time.  She often snuggles up against my leg if I sit on the floor with them.  I was surprised she cross the room just to stand under me.


Even though there was a stool to hide under, Bear and Browny stuffed themselves into the tunnel with lots and lots and grousing and wriggling.  Browny is a heafty pig, and I'm surprised they both squeezed in there. 


Bolt often has Banzai jammed underneath her.  It doesn't look comfortable!  She's not that big herself and as Banzai grows, she needs to stretch those front legs to touch the ground.

The girls had been hiding out on the second level to get away from Banzai, but no more!  Banzai figured out how to get to the second level.  He needs to watch out for Auntie Browny - she's not shy about chasing and launching him off the second level. 

He took a tumble at one point, but that didn't deter him from getting right back up there!  Banzai is getting more and more active and seems to get along with all his cagemates (even Browny).

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