Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Four for Three?

I woke up this morning to three bickering guinea pigs:  teeth chattering, chasing, screaming.  Sounded like a real throw-down.  Things seemed to settle down after I swept the cage and fed them.  Then I heard cries of pain so I picked Bolt up to see why she was so distressed.

Suddenly I had two guinea pigs in my lap.

So this happened this morning.

Bolt is doing very well and so far seems to be a good mama.  Baby started out really tired and wobbly, but he's gotten a lot stronger in the last hour.  I'll feel better to see him nursing and running around.  

OH!  We've just had nursing!  Yay for baby piggy!

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  1. Happy surprise! I'm glad mama and baby piggy are doing well.


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