Saturday, July 17, 2021

Return to Icy Waters

I made the first three blocks of Ice Waters as my April OMG.  These are the darkest blocks in the whole quilt.  But they didn't feel right.  So the project languished for the last couple of months (a house full of guinea pigs didn't help, either). 

This week I went back through my fabric, pulled a few new ones and rearranged what I had.  I've just finished redoing the first three blocks.  The newer ones are on top, the old ones on the bottom.  It doesn't look that different, but it just feels better.  My failed June goal was to do 10 more blocks, which I'm now aiming to get done by the end of July.  Fingers crossed for some traction in this project!


  1. The new ones do look better. The way you moved the fabrics around allows the eye to see a more balanced color approach.

  2. I also like the new blocks. Turning them upside down, though, changes my mind into liking them both.

  3. Maybe adding more red made the difference! Those are going to make a neat design!


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