Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Ironing Board Upgrade

I've been looking to replace my ironing board.  For various reasons it's parked in the living room and has remained there for nearly a decade.  I rarely fold it up it has become a useful sofa table when I'm not using it to iron.  But let's face it - it's not exactly the prettiest piece of furniture, plus the cover needs to be replaced.

Rather than replace the cover, I decided to create an ironing table. I've seen some neat ones on the web, converted from various types of furniture.  Now I won't have to figure out what to do with the ironing board when I have company over (I'll just have to clean off the top).  While I'm at it, I want a rectangle top that's at least four feet wide to make it easier to iron yards of quilting fabric (a full width of fabric hangs over a bit on the ironing board, so I have to keep shifting it side to side when I iron it).

After months and months of searching I found a console table at a good price that wasn't too far away to pick up.  The table is far too short for my needs, but looked like it was constructed in a way I could convert it to what I need.  We picked that up on Thursday night.

This is it without the top.  I had hoped to simply pull off the legs, but the sides of this thing are one piece.  It needs to be raised six inches, so I ransacked the garage for whatever wood I could use, then we hit up the hardware store for screws, dowels, bolts, drill bits, some brackets.  

We spent Sunday afternoon building the raised top.  I'm obviously not a cabinet maker - any of my woodworking friends will cringe at this.  However, the table top is the right height and stable.  The new wood needs to be sanded and finished.  I may try to integrate the build-up better with the base.  

I'm also not fond how some of the old hardware is visible on the inside back.  I could flip that piece around, since the back of this will be against the love seat.  I'm considering doing something crazy, like decoupaging the inside.

The fabrics on top are the potential coverings.  I fell in love with the bright blue, but the dark blue is a finer weave and a bit more conservative.  I'm waiting for some insul-bright and batting to add to the top before covering with fabric.  Most of the DIY ironing stations I've seen have stapled all layers together, so it's a permanent cover.  But I found one with a removable cover, and that's the tutorial I'll follow.

I'm excited!  It will be nice to have an extra shelf.  This is going to give me more ironing surface, too.  It may look a little goofy, but it will still be prettier than the ironing board I've got right now.


  1. Yeah you. You always find a solution. I love the ironing table. In your picture it appears that the original table may be of Scandinavian design. I have a similar table in my quilting room as a work station, I picked it up a one of the Christmas tree shops in Avon, probably 30 years ago. As I can't stand up to iron, I use an extra large square quilting ironing board I picked up some 20 years ago. My original ironing stand was my mother's rickety metal ironing board from the 50's that just didn't work for quilting & I kept dropping the iron when it rocked.

  2. Clever make-over, very nice! Y'all did a good job. It looks classy rustic chic to me.

  3. Yay, for crazy...decoupage could be fun. Clever you, Sally. Your new ironing table will be so much better than those run-of-the-mill ones, and nicer to look at.

  4. That looks like such a cool idea! I like the shelf underneath and the possibility of a big rectangular ironing space. Have fun finishing up your new ironing station, Sally!

  5. What a great idea! I like the shelf and more space for ironing. You did a great job!

  6. Fantastic idea and way to go to make it yourself from another piece! It looks great!

  7. you've created what you need... if you're not a fine furniture maker and some bolts show, well, this is to work on. I think it's very clever and actually very pretty for an ironing surface. Love the craftsman look and a shelf is massively useful to quilt makers!!! You'll be getting orders for them!

  8. This looks like a very good idea with extra space with the shelf to store things. My ironing board has become a permanent fixture in our spare bedroom.

  9. Sally, I think you are doing a great job with this modification. I often have to raise heights of surfaces so I can do "sitting down" tasks while standing up, because of my back. My first thought is always to raise from the base - with a wooden platform built for the specific surface, or even just handy blocks of wood (so attractive!), or storebought risers (ditto). My modifier's hat is off to you!


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