Saturday, June 5, 2021

Family Meals


We continue to enjoy the foster guinea pigs from Dakin.  Browny and Bear continue to be laid-back loafy sows.  Buckaroo Banzai is growing so big!  He's starting to grow into his feet and ears and doesn't have the folds of skin he had his first week.  And mama Bolt turns out to be a bit of a wild-child - Banzai's antics sets her off and she does zoomies and popcorning all over the place as the older sows watch.


Although I often find Banzai nursing under Bolt, he's taking an interest in what the others eat.  He eats pellets and hay.  Banzai may not be interested in the slices of carrots or pepper I dole out, but he does like lettuce.  Bear continues to be a favorite auntie, and Banzai will try nibbling on the piece of lettuce she's eating.  I've even seen him steal from Auntie Browny - which is a little dicey.  Don't get bit!


This has been a fun herd to watch.  Most everyone gets down to business when the greens arrive, with very little bickering or jostling.  Sometimes everyone grabs a piece and runs for a corner, other times they'll share a leaf.  Banzai tackles lettuce pieces that are bigger than he is!

And when one is done with dinner, it's time for food coma.  I caught Banzai all snuggled up with mama Bolt.  I'm not sure how they squeezed under that low-hanging hammock filled with Browny.  

It's a good life.



  1. awe baby snuggles... bolt is a teen mom... sort of taking care but with a life to live!

  2. That Buckaroo Banzai is the cutest! Sounds like the whole group is very entertaining!

  3. Cute photos, looks like they are all getting on very well.


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