Tuesday, June 8, 2021

The New Neighbor

We picked up Lancelot from Dakin last week to foster and introduce him to Banzai, once Banzai is weaned.  Initially I had put Lancelot's cage on the other side of the room, under a window for some light (the girls corner is kind of dark).  I figured Lance could hear the sows and Banzai, but he remained rather subdued and shy.  There was popcorning every afternoon and evening, but not as much wheeking as I thought there might be.  He mostly hid in his hay house.

When I cleaned the cage on Saturday, I raised his cage and abutted it to the girls' cage.  Oh, what a difference.  Lance is a real talker and wheeker!  He was immediately interested in his next door neighbors.  The gals take the occasional gander over on his side, and sometimes chew the coroplast in-between.  But Lance chews bars every evening, trying to get their attention.  I had moved his house near that side so he could stand on it and peer over, but he shoved it aside.  So now he has to stretch between the house and the wall it to get a look.  It's hilarious.

Look at those feet dangling!  I haven't been able to catch the interactions between cages on video.  

I've noticed he rests outside his hut far more often then he did before, and sleeps on top of the hut.  I don't think he wants to miss out on anything that his neighbors are up to.

Introductions happen on Wednesday, plus I'll need to move Lance and Banzai to a larger cage than Lancelot's current digs.  I hate the cage he's in (we call it the pigeon cage) - it's difficult to reach into and work with.  However, it's quick to set up in a pinch!  I've had time to set up Willow's old cage.  It's still too small for two boars (but bigger than the pigeon cage), but I'm hoping they'll be adopted before they get much bigger (or the sows get adopted and I'll move them into the big cage).

Wish us luck for introductions! 


  1. awe like us he's lonely for company. Like Milo is... longing for playtime with a creature that plays his same games

  2. Oh my gosh he is too cute haha! The stretch and dangling feet are too cute!

  3. You've got a guinea pig hotel going on over there! Fun!

  4. I had a guinea pig wear away the sides of his teeth by chewing on the bars, before I realized the damage he was doing
    Amazon sells clear plastic sheets that can be trimmed, so they can still look out but not touch the bars


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