Thursday, June 3, 2021

I Like Thursday: Spring Towards Summer

Looks like a lot of out door stuff this week.  My blueberry bunch is booming!  Lots of little blueberries and all the recent rain has been good for them.  

A three day weekend and it rained nearly the whole time.  Well, I was on-call, recovering from my first Shingles shot and got a chance to do some baking - all perfect things to do on rainy cool days!

We've seen bunnies in our neighbor's yard a few times.  I thought perhaps we didn't have any around here, but I startled one the other day when cleaning the birdbath - so they're hiding out there somewhere.

We had a pair of hooks in front of the kitchen.  The bad little hummingbird usually sat on one to guard the hummingbird feeder.  The other hook had a finch feeder on it.  I read that bears don't like thistle seed, so I had left the finch feeder out (intending to take it down when it was empty, but the finches here are slow eaters).  

We got up yesterday, to find the pole bent to the ground, the hummingbird feeder set upright (and still filled) next to it and no sign of either the thistle feeder nor the other part of the hook.  I thought it was just the hook that was missing, but when I dug up the "before" photo, I realized that there was a whole pole attached to that second hook.  I can understand a bear taking off with the feeder, but the pole?  And it was amazing that the pole bent rather than just pulling out of the ground.  I wish I had thought of taking photos before Rob bent it back upright.  We did a quick search of the yard and found no sign of pole or feeder.  It's a real head-scratcher.  Maybe a bear wanted to watch goldfinches near his den?

Pigs have been entertaining!  Banzai is two weeks old yesterday.  One more week and he'll need to be separated from the girls.  He's more than doubled in size and has been tucking into the morning lettuce.  He spends time hanging with his aunties as often as mama.  

Lancelot is a quiet fellow - even hearing the other piggies he keeps to himself.  But he popcorns and runs laps every morning and evening!

Once again, I'm running out of time to write.  More piggy photos - I will post them soon.  

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  1. Scary stuff there does sound sort of like a bear, no class, just grab, destroy, and go. Glad nobody was hurt.

  2. Hi Sally! I've been planning on getting the shingles shot. Is it painful? Since you said you were recovering from it, it makes me cringe. Wow - that is amazing about the finch feeder. And mysterious as well. Love the piggie photo! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Wait you have a bear around too? Another friend has one near her home in Mass south of Boston. What the heck!?! To bend the pole is scary. The GP are adorable. Wow how fast the little one has grown.

  4. Homegrown blueberries - yum! You could have a bear, or maybe a raccoon? It's time to install a camera! :) Glad your piggy friends are thriving!

  5. Ah, blueberries. That's going to be awesome! Meanwhile, interesting goings on there with the feeders. It was a raccoon that was our bandit...may be yours too. Cute piggies!

  6. Sally, I once watched a cub reach up to the crook of one of those poles (mama had already removed the birdfeeder) and - to my amazement - bend it effortlessly til the top touched the ground. Then it walked up the bowed pole like a four-legged tightrope walker, and gently bounced up and down.

  7. It's a little scary to think you had a bear so close to your house! That baby piggie has grown so quickly! What side effects did you get from the shingles vaccine?? I'm supposed to get mine eventually but I keep putting it off!


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